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Full Version: Hobby Plex Omaha NE
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Just thought i share our home track. It is a massive complex which also features a national class indoor off-road dirt track. The carpet is more focused on on-road racing but still good for drifting. I would love to get an drift event going out here soon. I've talked with the owners and they would be willing to allow. only down side is they don't carry any drift stuff in there store which is a bit of a shame because it too, is also massive. Also has a good size pit area. anyway ill let the photos do the rest of the talking. let me know what you guys think. 

 again thanks for looking. 
[Image: image_zpste5sbnal.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpswspl5n9q.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpskdhf6vnu.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpsmcdf647y.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpsnux9yia8.jpeg]