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Full Version: Baja's Levin
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[Image: 75746330.jpg]

[Image: 016cj.jpg]

[Image: 021wwy.jpg]

[Image: 026sr.jpg]

clean job bro.
Gotta love a Levin! Very nice work.
Thanks everyone. :)
A few new photos.  

[Image: 50505420.jpg]

[Image: 46176524.jpg]

[Image: 99855613.jpg]

[Image: 61897379.jpg]

[Image: 47000913.jpg]

[Image: 49762022.jpg]

[Image: 014_zpsa1a56b13.jpg]
Fender split from a crash so I used real bondo and did a bit of weathering to fix it.
[Image: 022_zps98911ad9.jpg]

[Image: 019_zps1d1ebd9d.jpg]

[Image: 029_zps5b937341.jpg]

I tired to make the shots look like those semi burly ones that you see of from Japan of real 1.1 cars.

Thanks for looking.

sweet! love the bodies, love the wheels
Thanks! It's the same shell actually, just an update. :P
That looks real good man, really like levins, I keep thinking about getting one too.

Real nice