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Full Version: Nissan Fairlady Z Version NISMO
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[Image: EagleRacingTT-01Drift110924_zpsce4ebeb3.jpg]

Nissan Fairlady Z Version NISMO
TAMIYA body shell + YOKOMO accessories

[Image: EagleRacingTT-01Drift1109241_zpsffeb6b08.jpg]

[Image: EagleRacingTT-01Drift1109242_zpsb242f54a.jpg]

[Image: EagleRacingTT-01Drift1109243_zps29bf5d7e.jpg]

[Image: EagleRacingTT-01Drift1109244_zps2ef68554.jpg]

[Image: EagleRacingTT-01Drift1109245_zps28e529e5.jpg]

[Image: EagleRacingTT-01Drift1109246_zps03378af5.jpg]
can't beat the detail on tamiya shells
Wow!!! the realism is phanominal....
Wow had me fooled... thought it was real for half a second
Me too!! I thought the first pic was a real car. Nice job!!!
looks amazing
very beautiful. it is simple but very good.
and the pictures are great
Your picture angles are on point. I'm always fooled into thinking it's a real car for a minute haha.