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Full Version: greetings DrifMission
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Greetings from Orange County,CA

I'am new to this wonderful world of Rc Drifting !! since last year some time and all i can say is everyone i been in contact with have been nothing but helpful and have many new friends local and out of state!!=)=)=)

Currently i have a HPI E10 Drift Chassis and have since done many upgrades to it from lipo batt, to Hobbywing ezrun complete series Brusless sytem Version 2, 60G EXI Digital Coreless Servo-D226F w/ Metal Gear, HPI E10 suspension oni-kyan ajustable arm set front & back to ajust + /- camber , HPI titanium spring set.Yeah Racing Aluminum Motor mount,Purple alloy BEARING steering kit... now its been transform to a rear wheel drive set up and upgrading to more steering angle,, up front..=)=)

I also have five different bodies that i have (DIY) painted and have done my (DIY) led kits =)=)

will be posting pics soon...

Looking forward to learning more from all you guys..=)=)
Welcome.. And lets see those pics..
Welcome to the forums :)
[Image: photo.php?fbid=4435912417414&set=a.26107...=3&theater]
welcome to the site
welcome, im looking forward to seeing these body pics  ;)  lol
(03-20-2013, 04:26 PM)Superjoepez Wrote: [ -> ]welcome, im looking forward to seeing these body pics  ;)  lol

That sounds creepy!