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Full Version: My HPI drift bodies
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[attachment=423][attachment=424][attachment=425][attachment=426]Here are my (2) HPI Drift Bodies... Hope like them...

1st. 2011 Scion Tc
2nd. Ae86 Trueno

[attachment=428][attachment=429][attachment=430][attachment=431]3rd pic of my Ae86 and my other HPI body that iwas not able to include in the above post....;););)
looks great, are those decals or are you just that artistic?
This are all different types decals but I'm in the process of  practicing my  artistic side in painting and  pin-striping  for  another  future body that i have in mind ..
is that a scion tc body? im in search for that in a long time
Yes it is,, and is from HPI part number 106940 200mm body but it will fit a 190mm as well  currently not available at HPI