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Full Version: east coast drifter + build pics
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hey guys, chilling here on the east coast Ky/WV area. picked up a sprint 2 drift about a year ago and replaced that thing.
was finally able to get the user registration email to come through so I could activate my account.
what better way to start off a first post than with build pics

I didnt take alot of pics during this build mainly because I was having so much fun building it I forgotB)

so heres a few shots from my build up

[Image: image-2_zps39cc76db.jpeg]

parts check
[Image: image1-3_zps5c72bf4d.jpeg]

remember to seal all CF parts!!!
[Image: image2_zpsace8d3b0.jpeg]

skipped ahead quite a bit as I forgot to take pics
[Image: image9_zps77beac85.jpeg]

getting there
[Image: image10_zps6e445dd0.jpeg]

threw in some electronics I had. I need to resolder everything its a tight squeeze
[Image: image11_zps56014466.jpeg]

mounted up for a test in my apartment
[Image: image5-1_zpsccf11ef3.jpeg]

some vinyl I picked up as a protector
[Image: image6-1_zpsb01e1f3c.jpeg]

to protect from scrapes an outdoor drifting
[Image: image8_zps53f7e014.jpeg]

an idea I had to keep shock shafts clean
[Image: image7_zps6cd73063.jpeg]

temporary practice body until I get the new lid painted and stealth mounts
[Image: image3-1_zps49e9203e.jpeg]

A few more parts came today
[Image: image4-1_zpsedac95a3.jpeg]

still waiting on the new lid (toyota soarer) and stealth mounts to mount up my S15 body

post up some pics, thoughts, whatever

lets get slideways!!
nicely done.
Nice!!!! Love those VDFII, might be my next one.
Welcome to dm
thanks for the compliments guys!
Welcome.. There is a brand new vdf sitting in the LHS here.. Tempting... But holding off.. Nice build.. Like the shock cover idea...
Nice :)
very nice chassis. am curious about what you used to wrap around ur springs to protect ur shock shafts? also does it affect the  rating of ur springs doing this mod?
those are actually balloons, I take a 2 liter bottle and drop the spring in then put the balloon over the lid.
squeeze the bottle and it inflates the balloon and the spring drops in.

the thicker the balloon the better as the thinner the rubber is the easier they are to accidentally rip, ask me how I know :)

as far as I can tell it dosent effect spring rate, if it does its very miniscule
Staten Island NY.
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