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Full Version: New from Mississippi
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Hey guys, I'm from Mississippi. I've got a HPI E10 running one way diff, locked rear diff & aluminum drive shaft. Also swapped motor to Firebolt 15t. My son is running a HPI Sprint 2 Drift stock with corona servo. Glad to find a good drift forum!![/b]
Welcome to Driftmission, where our mission is to drift......LOL :)
Welcome!! You'll find anything you need here, if not just ask!!
Welcome... Show us that HPI...
Welcome ... lets see that HPI ,  personally  have the E10 Drift Chassis as well.=)B)
[attachment=454]Don't have any pics of my E10 yet. I'll take some this week. For now here's my sons Sprint 2.
[attachment=458]Here's my E10. Nissan Silvia body,GT Power LED Light Kit. Love the car & how it handles.
nice ride! love to see kids and parents bonding with rc's
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