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Full Version: Genki's Overdose Type-C
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It is just so damned pretty.
Ran into a small delay. R31 House sent me 3 battery posts and 1 steering rack post in the conversion package. I'll be receiving the replacement steering post some time next week, and will probably have the car finished around the same time.
[Image: 010_zpsb4e6b67f.jpg]

In the meantime, I built up the remainder of the rear end suspension, as well as front end suspension. Figured I'd spare the build pics considering not much has changed and they'd just be redundant.

One change I made was with my dampers. I was running the thin white guides, and a dual o-ring setup, and absolutely hated it. The shafts were not staying lubricated, and after a few laps or so the suspension as a whole would stiffen up... until you gave the dampers a few full compressions, then everything was nice n soft again. That setup was pretty garbage during my experience with them. I changed back to stock guides, and blue o-rings, and they are perfect.
[Image: 003_zps7f6bd338.jpg]

With the dampers built, I'm just waiting on the steering rack now.
[Image: 004_zps919f328e.jpg]

(06-25-2014, 09:42 AM)mikep415 Wrote: [ -> ]ill give you my GRK for this! haha

Uhhh... no thanks man ^^)b

(06-27-2014, 11:09 AM)DeadLeg Wrote: [ -> ]It is just so damned pretty.

Thanks ^^
I'm about 95% done rebuilding my Doripake. I mocked my esc into place, but still need to wire it. I'm waiting on one last shipment before I can finish it off. All that's left is to do is:
-Install servo saver
-Add steering linkage
-Front end alignment
-Add some small detail pieces I bought for the build ^^)b

[Image: 003_zpsfe0734df.jpg]
Basically done now, just needs steering linkage and alignment ^^)b
I kind of want to black out the RX wires too, maybe down the road.
I love how it turned out

[Image: 003_zpsa2d009f8.jpg]

[Image: 001_zps40072a8d.jpg]

[Image: 005_zps7ec2faea.jpg]

[Image: 005_zps5458addd.jpg]

[Image: 006_zpsdf479118.jpg]

[Image: 003_zps63dd8012.jpg]
Amazing build man, you gonna post up some footage of it in action?
I'll get some footage once I run/tune it! I haven't been able to make it to the track for the past week or two D:
(07-17-2014, 07:40 PM)GenkiRF Wrote: [ -> ]I'll get some footage once I run/tune it! I haven't been able to make it to the track for the past week or two D:

If only there was more hours in a day

Cant wait to see
Love this sled so much!
This has to be the nicest DP around.

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Thanks for all the kind words.
I finished setting my car up quite some time ago, and the goal was to add as little weight as possible.
I felt like I was able to make good on that, here were the results.

I ended up settling with 50g's added inside the front diff housing.
[Image: 003_zps40811edb.jpg]

And two 10g weights added beside the rear diff case to create some more side scrub. I found the higher you mount the weights, the more side scrub you will achieve - great for countering excessive oversteering/spin outs :P
[Image: 002_zpsfed9fcdd.jpg]

And that's all the weight I added to the chassis.

Here's is the rest of my supporting setup:
Camber: -12*
Toe: 0*
Kick Up: N/A
Caster: Approximately 7*
Ride Height: 9mm
Springs: Unknown Brand 30lbs Spring
Bumper Weight: Overdose Aluminum Bumper Brace
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Team Associated 20wt
Upper Shock Position: Top row Overdose damper tower, second from the outside
Lower Shock Position: Inner most position Overdose lower arm
Diff: None
Other: Damper pistons have been slightly bored out, 50g weight added inside front diff

Camber: 0*
Toe Block: 0*
Kick Up: None
Ride Height: 7.5mm
Springs: RC926 Hybrid 1.3mm diameter sprigns Blue/Blue (Soft)
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Associated 10wt
Upper Shock Position: Top row Overdose damper tower, second from the inside
Lower Shock Position: Furthest Outward along lower Overdose arms.
Diff: RC926 Aluminum Diff w/ Steel Outdrives + Stock Plastic Ring + Bevel Gear
Other: 1mm pro-squat, dampers are running custom 6 hole pistons, 20g added to rear damper tower

My FDR is set at 7.5

I run on a surface very similar to polished concrete.

[Image: 001_zps9d7c0e05.jpg]

Unfortunately after getting this thing set up to my liking I only made it back to the track twice in the last 4 weeks. I am very happy with the setup though, I just need more wheel time with the thing to shed the rust ^^b

In comparison to my FR-D, I must say the Type-C is a very different beast. It's really enjoyable to drive in a very different way. As opposed to the FR-D which required small steering inputs/angle adjustments, my Type-C requires cs style steering inputs at the same gyro gain levels as my FR-D. I love this aspect of the chassis, as I find it far more enjoyable. My FR-D was basically easy mode RWD drifting to me, which isn't a bad thing, I was really able to push that car at any point on the track without negative repercussions. I am still learning how to push my Type-C in a similar fashion, but my hands are adjusting to the new driving style required to push the Type-C, and I'm getting much more comfortable and confident with each outing. The Type-C also builds up speed out of slow corners a lot faster, and in general has a quicker pace. What it lacks in comparison to the FR-D is angle, but this also factors into it holding more speed around the track. Overdose lower arms aren't the greatest for RWD when running a low scrub, lower offset wheel combo. I ran into clearance issues since I don't run rounded front tires either, but it wasn't too hard to sort everything out and get it running the way I wanted. I'm really enjoying this chassis, even though I haven't had a lot of wheel time yet ^^;;

Sorry for the essay ^^v
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