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Full Version: Genki's Overdose Type-C
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you don't want to see this...

[Image: l3497_8.jpg]

5000 yen

[Image: l3490_8.jpg]

8000 yen
[Image: l3504_8.jpg]

7000 yen
I want these ackerman arms and the rear hubs.. and the front hub without the C- Carrier.


how much will these run...

another 25000 yen!!!

start saving.
You're killing me XD

I had a hunch they would make their own rear hubs, and for that very reason I didn't buy any lol. I didn't expect these ackerman bars though, thanks for sharing!!!! I'll be hoping on these two items :)

I have a good set of front hubs already... I won't be upgrading those lol.

I really didn't foresee Overdose going all out on the drift package. @_@
this build makes me want to make another DP for full tune...

thanks alot Genki, haha.
Haha no problem man...

Funny thing is, when I started this build, I just wanted to increase the angle and a few other things for a fun asphalt car... then Overdose kept releasing parts, and I kept succumbing to temptation haha.

To think I passed on a XXX-D because I wanted more of a budget build car LOL...
My Rear Wheel Drive has been getting more and more expensive also. It's hard to resist.
I made my own ackerman bar, but I think this one is a good adjustable design that is almost the only one on the market.

Hubs are nice but way overpriced. I wonder If they will make a Type C version hub only.

My SSG was originally going to become an FR-D so I loaded it with everything.
But then it was too good to separate. (but its still an asphalt car because the chassis is scratched to shit underneath)
Cost about $600 as a roller

So now I started my plastic RWD drift package... which still could become an FR-D if it doesn't work easily
The turning point was functionality.
I found Active rear sus, which I thought was discontinued then Wrap up came out with the lower Y arm.
add $150
so now it's still $300 only as a roller. but it includes used parts from the DRB (which don't count.) haha.

$300 is good.

If it goes FRD... Add $250 and $100 for a rear overdose gear case

$550 is not too bad for a full bling machine.
Ant will be spending... more and more I am sure. hehe.

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_DT_57.jpg]
It really is hard to resist the urge to mod.

I think I'll still run on asphalt while I retain the stock tub, but once I convert it to something else, I will probably switch to concrete and indoors. I'm not so sure I'll be building a Ject Racing doripake anymore, I'm more so interested in the RC926 chassis that you posted previously.

I was going to make my own adjustable ackerman setup by using a tie-rod that runs under the steering arms, but I'll be going the Overdose route as well now lol.

I've been finding myself spending more and more time on the Wrap-Up Next blog. I wanted to buy one of those FR-D kits when they originally came out, as I liked the design and the idea of RWD, but there aren't many people around here to run RWD with. I figured if I did go RWD, I'd probably just end up running alone most of the time, one of the reasons I opted to not buy it. Now that I have all the spare parts to build one though, I've been throwing around the idea again.

Your RWD project has been coming along real nice too! I'm really starting to like the look of a raw polished chassis lol.
if you guys do get the OD steering arms, either of you have a buyer for your TN v2 arms ;)
I added it all up.

Full OD Drift package ROLLING CHASSIS with Team suzuki and Yokomo alloy necessary items is about $1400~1800
I just read your blog post haha.... oh boy >.<

All the purchases spread out sure didn't feel like that much! XD
hey genki, is the Spice underdrive gears made out of aluminum or plastic/delrin?
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