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Full Version: Show us your Rc Stable..
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I have finally decided to post up my addictions... this is what i have so far and still growing... hehe.. i am a drift addict.. lol.

[Image: 535670_10151546809467220_1132746421_n.jpg]
[Image: 601289_10151546807707220_1101626016_n.jpg]
i want that team weld chaser
well bro i got this from andrew.. hehe...
nice collection you got going there
following in combat_drftr's footsteps heres my setups!

from right to left.
pandora R32 on DRB (yes stripped of all its stickers)
ABC evo III on TC-FD
Northcraft FC on Pro-d
HPI subaru 22b gc8 on HB TC

[Image: _MG_4954_zps9e7eb144.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4958_zpsd7d52879.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4961_zps5ea613b3.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4964_zps0ed8d30a.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4968_zps374e0b64.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4972_zps4a41d528.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4975_zps20a3dd32.jpg]
WOW!!! driftmission represented. way cool collection robb
very sweet collection combat
Love that Gc8 man.. Wish I can find one of those.. Ur lucky to have one.. Nice collection you got...
Thanks gentle men.. Forgot to tell y'all what's under the bodies.. WRX is my D3, Fd3S is my cyclone s, s15 pro-d, and jzx110 r31-16fm.. Still awaiting on my other r31 mid motor setup... I got many other bodies.. Including 2 Short course trucks for those days I wanna get dirty.. Lol.. I am a rc hoarder you can say.. Hehe... And if you look closely.. The wings on my cars gets higher from left to right.. Hahaha...
you have a pro-d as well!!
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