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  Oklahoma Beginner
Posted by: travissutton22 - 10-07-2016, 06:34 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (4)

Hey everyone!  I just started RC drifting. Is there anyone in north east Oklahoma on here? I've been drifting on my own for a while and I'm wondering if there is anyone close that is looking for other people that share the hobby.

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  New kid on the block
Posted by: NascarSigEp - 10-07-2016, 11:48 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hello Drift Mission. I am from Omaha, NE and have been fascinated with anything on wheels, but for the last 15yrs I have been fascinated with drifting. I've been to a number of Formula Drift events and have recently purchased an MST FXX-D. The local community here is very apt to help each other out and try new things. Hope to get to know some of you here.

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  need help with my account
Posted by: Eddysavage - 10-06-2016, 10:31 PM - Forum: Help Section - No Replies

anyone know where the account delete button is?

 i cant find it lol recently i've been spammed with a bunch of emails to threads im not subscribed so any help i would appreciate

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  Yokomo DIB
Posted by: dinhvanchi1988 - 10-05-2016, 08:31 PM - Forum: Countersteer - Replies (1)

[Image: 1475715859172bf279.jpg][Image: 1475715859272c3995.jpg][Image: 1475715859409bd42c.jpg][Image: 14757158595154ff9d.jpg][Image: 14757158595154ff9d.jpg][Image: 147571586072477a2d.jpg][Image: 147571586094688126.jpg][Image: 1475715861902401ea.jpg][Image: 1475715862744a2e69.jpg][Image: 14757158877736c5cf.jpg][Image: 14757158888829c3cb.jpg]

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Image TT02 RWD
Posted by: dinhvanchi1988 - 10-05-2016, 08:25 PM - Forum: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - No Replies

finishing my favorite car!!!

[Image: 1475715889447bb7aa.jpg][Image: 14757158897640ece9.jpg][Image: 14757158899032a679.jpg][Image: 147571589001719f62.jpg][Image: 14757158901281d224.jpg][Image: 147571589096835682.jpg][Image: 1475715891704417d9.jpg][Image: 147571591169173958.jpg][Image: 14757159144206ae53.jpg][Image: 14757159144206ae53.jpg][Image: 14757159149755a244.jpg][Image: 147571591799264f66.jpg][Image: 14757159222436bc72.jpg][Image: 1475715923329dfe91.jpg][Image: 1475715924438a799b.jpg][Image: 147571592511758ec8.jpg][Image: 1475715925181cf40a.jpg][Image: 1475715925664268bd.jpg][Image: 1475715925903f3363.jpg]

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  New RC Drifter
Posted by: Eyesenish - 10-04-2016, 07:51 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

hi guys the names Seb,new here to the rc world ive been watching lots of videos on these drift rc builds and finally decided to join in the fun so i ordered myself a Sakura D4 Chassis and slowly going from there i saw on a post here about a couple of upgrades like the usukani knuckles so also ordered a set of those lol im so hyped :P anyways glad to the Drift Mission Forum i see theres alot of valuable information here and great looking RCs ;)

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  Usukani Sakura D4 Parts
Posted by: Eyesenish - 10-04-2016, 02:17 PM - Forum: 3 Racing - Replies (3)

hey guys new here i just ordered my first RC chassis ever i ordered the Sakura D4 RWD hoping to build a decent first Drift RC car and on another post here i saw someone recommending the Usukani Knuckles for this chassis but i cant seem to find them avaialable anywhere so was hoping someone can help me out here B)

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  Pandora RC Toyota Mark 2 JZX81
Posted by: wilkewhaq - 10-03-2016, 08:17 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

This Toyota Mark 2 JZX81 kit looks fantastic and is officially licensed by Toyota Motor Co. This body is expected to be available in the coming days and will retail for around $40 USD. The body features light buckets (lexan), front and rear bumpers, along with the masks and decals.Pandora RC continues to bring us some of the most wanted 1/10 RC Drift bodies. Some additional accessories are shown in the pictures below that are not included with the body.Pandora RC Toyota Mark 2 JZX81 PAB-1701/10 size for unpainted polycarbonate bodyDecals and masking decals includedPolycarbonate-made ​​front & rear / bumper another body bonnet duct partsFront & rear / Light Accessories parts are included(W: 195mm) Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Certifiedaccessories muffler, GT wing, etc. are not included in our body.

?Source: Pandora RC

Posted on Mon, 03 Oct 2016 13:37:50 +0000 at http://driftmission.com/pandora-rc-toyota-mark-2-jzx81/
Comments: http://driftmission.com/pandora-rc-toyot...1/#respond

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  Lipo in Red Cat epx lightning?
Posted by: Edgez - 09-30-2016, 06:10 PM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (2)

Hello, I don't have an expensive car but I would like to upgrade my battery to a lipo. I am currently looking at a venom 5800 mah 30c 7.4v with deans connector.  Does anyone have this car or the knowledge of whether I can upgrade to a lipo.  I'm tired of going through batteries. I current run a venom 5000 mah nimh, but its not holding a charge very long, also I have the standard 2000 mah  and a 4200 mah generic. I used to run about 45 minutes on the 5000. My car is not brushless. Thanks in advance.

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  MST FMX-D info
Posted by: Noctophobia - 09-30-2016, 01:39 PM - Forum: Max Speed Technology (MST) - Replies (4)

So I've been looking on this chassis for the past last days, but I can't find much info about it, I guess it's quite a new chassis.

Has anyone here been able to test one of these? how does it run? I'm quite interested on it and like the functionality.

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Posted by: HusseinRB - 09-30-2016, 03:26 AM - Forum: Max Speed Technology (MST) - Replies (4)

My New Drift Car By MST

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  Visalia / Fresno Teams
Posted by: prawduh559 - 09-29-2016, 05:02 PM - Forum: North America - Replies (1)

I know Visalia has a hobby store, and fresno as well with some tracks, but im reaching out looking to find any facebook groups or meetups for fresno or visalia california, I just got my new car today and im wanting to get into the scene and meet some awesome new people!

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  Led lights
Posted by: Lbj - 09-29-2016, 11:27 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

What is every one used in to hold your led wires in place iam trying to keep it as clean as possible

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  My GTR35 in action
Posted by: RCer - 09-29-2016, 08:45 AM - Forum: RC Drift Bodies - Replies (1)

Hello guys, this is my actual body, in action.
Nissan GTR35 Liberty Walk.  

[Image: IMG-20160927-WA0006_zpsxzjctcjl.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20160929-WA0001_zpsnyk9f1xy.jpg][Image: IMG-20160929-WA0002_zpsbxprjmz6.jpg][Image: IMG-20160929-WA0003_zpspayrm3um.jpg][Image: IMG-20160929-WA0008_zpsddg2egki.jpg][Image: IMG-20160929-WA0009_zps2h6zpvl3.jpg][Image: IMG-20160929-WA0000_zpsb4lpnbx0.jpg]
More pics and info at 

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  Pandora Altezza
Posted by: troyz22 - 09-27-2016, 06:17 PM - Forum: RC Drift Bodies - Replies (3)

Body: Pandora RC Altezza
Paint: Tamiya Clear Pearl
         Tamiya PS-54 Cobat Green
         White Backer
Wheels: Gun metal center MST Tmb

[Image: IMG_0149_zpsrvnsukwo.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0143_zpsrm19eor8.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0145_zpsx0td9l2r.jpg]

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  Yokomo Supra
Posted by: troyz22 - 09-27-2016, 06:14 PM - Forum: RC Drift Bodies - No Replies

body: Yokomo Supra
paint: Tamiya Clear Pearl
         Tamiya PS-3 Light blue
         Tamiya PS-5 Black

Wheels: Custom gun metal center MST - TMB 

just a nice shot i took the other day... need to take some more photos

[Image: IMG_0128_zps2jawqkdp.jpg]

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  Yokomo Drift Package YD-4 MR RC Drift Chassis
Posted by: wilkewhaq - 09-27-2016, 09:15 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

This marks the first additional version of the all new Team Yokomo YD-4 RC Drift Chassis. The YD-4 MR version was created to address the diversification of road surfaces Worldwide in RC Drifting. The new MR version features a new rear mid motor position to allow for more dyanmic force and better control. The kit will be available in 2 versions the conversion kit and the full Drift Package version.The conversion kit is expected to be available at the end of this month, and the full Drift Package is expected in early October 2016. The MSRP have been listed at ¥41,000 (full chassis DP-YD4MRC), ¥ 19,800 (conversion kit Y4-YD4MRC) which is roughly $400 USD, and $200 USD respectively.This new chassis kit boasts more realistic performance and is targeted at competition level RC Drifters. This new kit has undergone significant changes to better locate the center of gravity of the chassis to optimize stability and drift performance.Yokomo YD-4 MR Competition RC Drift ChassisLow center of gravity structure to exhibit a high kinetic performanceSealed gear box shaft drive 4WDHigh rigidity matte carbon-made double-deck chassisHigh rigidity 4mm thick matte carbon made before and after the shock towerRear mid motor specification that allows for dynamic drivingImproving the operability by to concentrate the heavyachieve an overwhelming sharp angle while high before and after H arm specification rigidityFront king pin angle narrow scrub knuckleFront one-wayFCD × 1.3-fold rear-enhanced solid axlealuminum slide to optimize the steering angle and Ackerman ratioRack steeringStandard, short size battery support both Source: Yokomo

Posted on Tue, 27 Sep 2016 14:01:33 +0000 at http://driftmission.com/yokomo-drift-pac...t-chassis/
Comments: http://driftmission.com/yokomo-drift-pac...s/#respond

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  First build MS-01D VIPII
Posted by: Drifthaz - 09-27-2016, 02:11 AM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (1)

Hey dm members :)

Me and my brother have both bought a MS01D VIP2 chassis and need help with the electronics, sorry for noob question come from nitro and once i had a turn of a electric drift car we both got the bug lol.

So far this is what iam thinking from a little of my own research but would just like to clarify it with what you guys think or can offer me better alternatives.

Motor and ESC

Tekin RS Gen2 Sensored Brushless ESC w/ Gen3 Motor 10.5T Combo Set #TT2736
OMG X1 SERIES 120A ESC w/ 10.5T Motor Combo


Savox SC-1252MG Low Profile "Super Speed" Metal Gear Digital Servo
OMG Low Profile Digital High Speed Coreless Servo #D2-LP-CM07S/LB
OMG Low Profile Full Metal Brushless Digital Servo #D2-LP-BM10S

not sure with battery selection, but im thinking of running shortys and changing the battery holder, suggestions for both short and normal size lipos
would be appreciated.

going to be using futaba 4pls R314SB Receiver in each car, have already bought 2 venom pro duo chargers, just need to sort the hard part... 

thanks guys  ^^

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  D4 / AuperD gearing ?
Posted by: Thrifty - 09-25-2016, 05:10 PM - Forum: Help Section - No Replies

for those of y'all running one of these, what size pinion are you running?  I have a 21p at the moment and seem to just go from slow to spin out real quick... I'll be getting a few steps up here tomorrow but would like to know what y'all learned from your experience...

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  Hobby Plex Omaha NE
Posted by: Supernova - 09-25-2016, 02:07 PM - Forum: Drift Track Layouts - No Replies

Just thought i share our home track. It is a massive complex which also features a national class indoor off-road dirt track. The carpet is more focused on on-road racing but still good for drifting. I would love to get an drift event going out here soon. I've talked with the owners and they would be willing to allow. only down side is they don't carry any drift stuff in there store which is a bit of a shame because it too, is also massive. Also has a good size pit area. anyway ill let the photos do the rest of the talking. let me know what you guys think. 

 again thanks for looking. 
[Image: image_zpste5sbnal.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpswspl5n9q.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpskdhf6vnu.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpsmcdf647y.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpsnux9yia8.jpeg]

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  hello Drift Mission
Posted by: Supernova - 09-25-2016, 01:53 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (4)

Hello everyone. My name is Justin. Im a 29 year old from Omaha NE. I've been doing RC's for only about a year now and I'm completely hooked which is no surprise because I'm a serious gear head anyway. Ive been drifting but only for about 6 months. My current chassis is an MST FXX S. Upgrades so far are just a few. Aluminum standard steering rack, servo mount, diffuser, and 8 way adjustable servo horn. Im just starting to really get into this as far as tuning and setup. Here in Omaha, we have a massive carpet track which i will post up pictures later in that thread. There are only just a few of us that drift here and an even smaller group which run RWD, but is very slowly growing.The Body is still my first, Tamiya S15 and has slidelogy Type F if i remember correctly, and Pipes Backfire unit. Ive poked around on this site quite a few times and finally decided to join. Im looking forward to the future here on Drift Mission.

Thanks for looking

[Image: image_zpspcku7enl.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpsj1l3cq0d.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpsplhqiflm.jpeg]

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Warning Rwd conversion help needed
Posted by: remz3 - 09-25-2016, 10:36 AM - Forum: Max Speed Technology (MST) - Replies (5)

Hey all, I wanted to know what I need to do to convert my awd front motor xxx-d to rwd. I see there is a rear conversion kit but not sure what all I need. Any help would be great.

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  Team Yokomo Competition RC Drift Tires
Posted by: wilkewhaq - 09-25-2016, 06:15 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

Team Yokomo has announced a new set of Competition RC Drift tires. They are called the DRA, and DRC Competition RC Drift Tires. The DRA signifies the RC Drift tire for Asphalt/Road use, and the DRC is for carpet tracks. The tires will go on sale later this week/October for the carpet version and will retail for around $12 for all 4 tires.You know you can trust Yokomo to bring quality performance parts to the RC Drift community. These tires are no exception and we will be looking to test out a set for ourselves on the DM test track.Product Codes: ZR-DRA0 ZR-DRC0 Source: Team Yokomo

Posted on Sun, 25 Sep 2016 12:12:37 +0000 at http://driftmission.com/team-yokomo-comp...ift-tires/
Comments: http://driftmission.com/team-yokomo-comp...s/#respond

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  MST XXX-D VIP Gearing Help
Posted by: remz3 - 09-24-2016, 11:57 AM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (6)

Hey all, I was blessed to have traded an old rig for a MST XXX-D VIP roller. Added stealth mounts and transferred all my electronics and wheels.  I learned that this has a 64P spur. What is the stick gearing for the chassis? I had a friend give me a 64P 26T pinion but not sure what the proper gearing should be. I tried to Google it but did not get a proper answer. 

Also, did anyone with this chassis change the gearing to 48P?

Here is a quick pic of the chassis.  Live it! 

[Image: 20160920_191613_HDR_zps2mvq9vnh.jpg]

[Image: 20160923_164216_zps6xejfn4b.jpg]
Thanks for the help.

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  First rwd build
Posted by: Noctophobia - 09-24-2016, 05:11 AM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (5)

So I've been in the rc hobby on and of since a few years, and now I'd like to start the drift one.

I've been looking for guides and such but I still can't make my mind on what chassis to buy, even if it's the first one for rwd I don't want a completely beginner friendly thing but something you could consider already mid range with lots of possibilities.

For the moment my list of items looks like that, but I'm not sure about what to get:

3Racing Sakura D4 RWD.
3Racing Sakura D4 aluminum Curve Slide Track Steering Set Black
3Racing Aluminum One Way Tube For Sakura D3 D4 

Yokomo yd-2

Speed Passion Champion Drift Combo Reventon R Brushless System ESC w/ Dokyo Drift Spec 540 10.5R
Savox 1257tg

Now I mostly need a gyro and the radio, but I can't make my mind on what chassis to get, I want something that will last me a good time and that I can also upgrade.
Also if the yokomo doesn't require some must have upgrades to run at a decent level I'd probably get it over the sakura since the price tag would be the same.
Money range for the full build would me something in the 600$ range max if the upgrades/kit is a good investment for a durable car, I don't like to go on the cheap side.

Thanks a lot.

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  My body
Posted by: GTO - 09-22-2016, 07:56 AM - Forum: RC Drift Bodies - Replies (1)

Gt86 rocketbunny

Sent from my SM-G920F using DriftMission

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Posted by: TeamVSDK - 09-21-2016, 03:46 PM - Forum: RC Drift Videos - Replies (1)

[video=youtube]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xYUAfGz59QA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/video]

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  Newbie asks
Posted by: Liondoes - 09-21-2016, 10:46 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

I'm new and I'm asking you guys, what do you about this r/c drift car? what stuff do i need to get to complete it?

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  Little bit about me
Posted by: Liondoes - 09-21-2016, 10:39 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

Hello everyone,
I'm new to this forum and want to introduce myself to this community. =) let's start.
So My real name is Liutauras , I'm 13 years old and live in Vilnius, Lithuania. I'm R/C airplane builder for 4 years and now I want to try something new like R/C drift , cuz' my friend has MST MS  01D and It Slides very well Omg  . So this was my little introduction .

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Posted by: Dryver 5 - 09-19-2016, 06:24 PM - Forum: Yokomo - Replies (2)

Do you actually need a Gyro to drive a rwd set up? I just got the yd2 and a lot of people are saying to get a gyro.  Would appreciate any help on this.

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