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Exit Tetsujin Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk
Posted by: Andrew3D - 11-19-2016, 06:28 AM - Forum: Work-in-Progress - Replies (1)

Hi Guys! 

Here we are again! My 180SX body is now seeing some age and the WRX STi 22B is a shelf queen after winning body of the month last year soooooooo time for a new shell. 

To check out my previous builds have a look here

Pandora Subaru Impreza WRX Sti 22B - Body of the Month Winner April 2015

ABC Hobbies 180SX

This time my friends at Team Tetsujin have hooked me up with a Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Wide Body kit edition shell.

I will be documenting the build via our website http://www.warehousesliders.com and our youtube channel.

Here is the first video in the series

Building Body Shells with Warehouse Sliders!

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  Any ideas how to fit a 1/6 scale die cast on 1/10 chassis?
Posted by: chris.lonergan - 11-18-2016, 07:29 PM - Forum: Paint, Decals, and Techniques - Replies (5)

[Image: 2667cd3f3344e5dd6164495550b3632f.jpg]

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  Hpi sprint 2 progress
Posted by: Jlieskovan - 11-18-2016, 12:10 PM - Forum: Hot Bodies and HPI - Replies (2)

Phey everyone, thought I would post a little update on my sprint 2 So far.

Castle sidewinder 3 
Hpi one way front diff
Rear diff locked with body clips 
12t front drive pulley (counter steer) 
Rpm ball cups 
Savox sc-1257tg

And that's it so far. Looking at doing the yeah racing rwd conversion. The body is a work in progress, it's my first Pandora, how do you all recommend connecting the bumpers? The dude at the shop recommended shoe goo? Seems messy, what do you all use?

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  Matrix line rc body
Posted by: aackjw - 11-17-2016, 12:40 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hello fellas.
Anybody have experience with the site for the order?

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  RWD conversion questions
Posted by: AmirF35 - 11-15-2016, 03:09 AM - Forum: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - Replies (1)

I haven't been into RC stuff for years, and haven't logged in here for years too.welp.
I found my Sakura Zero S collecting dust for years while cleaning up my room. Thought I'd do something about it.
Planning to convert it into RWD. I know the chassis is quite unfavourable.
I don't have the brightest idea in my mind, was thinking of doing C-Hub delete mod, buying an R-31 steering rack, drill some holes and slap it in. Remove the top CFRP plate, mount the servo at the back and a battery holder mounted sideways. Or in other words, conversion based on TRF415MS-H.
Would it be worth the try or is it worth it to just buy a brand new RWD kit? Or at least, correct the parts I'm planning to use.

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  New to RC
Posted by: abcdevanfg - 11-14-2016, 10:32 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hello, all. I'm new to RC cars in general but really interested in drifting. I drive a Golf Sportwagen as a daily and have come to a point where I can't spend anymore money on it but want to stay active in the car scene. I'm looking at building an MST FXX-D for my first build

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  rs4 sport 3
Posted by: pflatout - 11-14-2016, 05:25 PM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (5)

Hi all,just got a hpi  rs4 sport 3 to drift with,maybe not  the best for this as i am looking for adjustable turnbuckles can you help,thanks.adjustable turnbuckles CAMBER LINK TURNBUCKLESDJUSTABLE CAMBER LINK TURNBUCKLES

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  Overdose Vacula II RWD RC Drift Chassis
Posted by: wilkewhaq - 11-14-2016, 09:15 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (9)

The new Overdose Vacula II is a rear midship mounted chassis, very similar to the Tamiya TA-06. The first version of the Overdose Vacula was a Countersteer RC Drift Chassis, the Vacula II comes with RWD in mind. This car has been uniquely designed by Weld Overdose for better suspension characteristics.This is a high-end Overdose chassis and made specifically for RWD RC drifting. This is a cultivation of everything Overdose has learned from their previously designed chassis and option parts. The front unit adopts a bulkhead designed exclusively for RWD RC Drifting. Weld Overdose adopted an upper arm mount with a right and left integral structure, the mounting rigidity of the upper arm is greatly improved. It firmly supports the front tire of RWD of complex movement.The steering unit adopts a slide rack used in the Overdose XEX spec R, the Vacula II also comes with the same suspension arm & knuckle, it can cope with the large steering angle. It is set to the optimum cutting angle and Ackermann ratio for RWD. Newly announced from Weld Overdose comes the Overdose Vacula RC Drift chassis! This new chassis from Overdose will be available in Purple and Red. Check your bank account, as it will have a MSRP around $750 USD.

Overdose Vacula Chassis IIModel Number: OD2300 (purple) / OD2301 (red)1/10 scale RWD RC Drift chassisUniquely designed by OverdoseRear midship mounted motorLongitudinal/in-line battery positionLarge bore dampers with longer strokeGenuine Original Weld Technique Factory Co. Ltd.Available in Purple or Red anodized aluminiumApproximate MSRP: ¥73,440JPY
This product is a chassis kit ONLY! Radio set, steering servo, speed controller, motor, battery, body, tires, wheels, spur gear, pinion gear NOT includedSource: Overdose Weld Technique Factory

Posted on Mon, 14 Nov 2016 14:39:52 +0000 at http://driftmission.com/overdose-vacula-...t-chassis/
Comments: http://driftmission.com/overdose-vacula-...s/#respond

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  steering angle
Posted by: BoostedHatch1 - 11-13-2016, 09:39 PM - Forum: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - No Replies

How do I get a larger steering angle. I have a ds1903mg servo?

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  2015 Mustang RTR Spec 5
Posted by: feint motion - 11-13-2016, 08:28 PM - Forum: RC Drift Bodies - Replies (9)

[Image: DSC_0736_1_zpsxh34g0wy.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0763_1_zpsh4jyam61.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0766_1_zps9qpj3c3t.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0768_1_zpsakefarvx.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0770_zpsl6qzyunc.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0771_1_zpsi7f6uten.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0774_1_zpsyzoerjor.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0776_1_zps4jrpnh7u.jpg]

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  Need help on my car
Posted by: Drift12345678 - 11-13-2016, 06:34 PM - Forum: Chassis Discussions - Replies (3)

Hey drifters

I currently have redcat lightning epx drift car. It needs more steering angle and I can't seem to find any mods or upgrades to give it more angle. 

Is it worth to buy upgrades (if there is any) or mod it or buy a cheaper kit 

Thanks any help is appreciated  =)

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  More steer angle on redcat?
Posted by: Drift12345678 - 11-13-2016, 12:57 PM - Forum: Other Manufacturers - Replies (21)

Hey I have a red cat lightning drifter and it doesn't have enough steering

Is there any upgrades or mods to fix it? Thanks =)

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  Pandora RC Under Body Set
Posted by: wilkewhaq - 11-12-2016, 11:16 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Pandora RC products has just announced a new under body panel set (carbon fiber style) to their growing line-up. The kit includes Front and Rear spoilers, along with side skirts (2 door), canards, a rear wing, and more! The kit appears to be somewhat universal as it is shown below on Pandora RC bodies with different widths, however there will be some limitations based on the width of each body. No specific details were available at the time of this posting but would imagine it works between 195mm-198mm.This is expected to be on sale in the coming days and should retail for around $40 USD. No word if they plan to release a clear version for those who want to paint their own color.

Product SpecificationsProduct Name : Under Panel Set Carbon StyleModel No.: PAI-???1:10 scale carbon fiber style polycarbonate under body panel setApproximate MSRP: ¥4200JPYSource: Pandora RC

Posted on Sat, 12 Nov 2016 17:15:25 +0000 at http://driftmission.com/pandora-rc-under-body-set/
Comments: http://driftmission.com/pandora-rc-under...t/#respond

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  Need help with build
Posted by: Laito96 - 11-11-2016, 09:21 PM - Forum: Help Section - No Replies

Could u help me with choose parts to first Rc car ? 
Chassis: Sakura D4 RWD alloy&carbon
ESC : XERUN SCT Pro Sensored Brushless ESC  
Motor : XERUN-3656 Sensored Brushless Motor 3400KV 
Servo: OMG low profile BF07s
Radio: Flysky FS-IT4S

Motor: 125£
Chassis: 130£
Servo: 95£
Radio: 130£
Gyro: 50£
£540 for all and i jade alloy£Carbon chassis
Second option is a MST FXX-D VIP but cost is £860.
What u think collect money for MST or buy Sakura to first way to Rc drift ?

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  New Sprint 2 Drift nissan 350z, drifter.
Posted by: mick1113 - 11-11-2016, 08:38 PM - Forum: Introductions - No Replies

    Hello everyone. I just got a Sprint 2 Drift and converted to brushless. I wasn't a big fan of drifting but after trying it the first time it just got me hooked. Looking forward to learn from all of you.

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  Subaru Brz Rocket Bunny kit
Posted by: Woodsnail - 11-11-2016, 02:41 PM - Forum: Work-in-Progress - Replies (4)

I saw earlier this year that Killerbody had a Rocket bunny kit version, so i thought, when i got my new MST XXX-D VIP it should have a new body..

The quality of Killerbody is amazing, the body kit is even more detailed and screams quality - but a lot of trimning since the parts are drilled out.

I've still not gotten to paint the thing, building it, figuring out where the skirts should sit and make holes for the mini screws took me over 8 hours.

[Image: 4VKVxEDh.jpg?1]

[Image: K8Ko6nsh.jpg]

[Image: CDKgu6Yh.jpg]

[Image: SW3itIdh.jpg]

[Image: kNrgCwLh.jpg]

[Image: MPlTrTyh.jpg]

[Image: FB5uwx3h.jpg]

[Image: B9SzNLlh.jpg]

[Image: EUrOpsVh.jpg]

[Image: glD2zo7h.jpg]

[Image: TzgjiVoh.jpg]

[Image: JCd6w1dh.jpg]

[Image: PyrLFJIh.jpg]

[Image: NoUhY6Rh.jpg]

[Image: 1Cmq0EFh.jpg]
Color choice - Should come out pretty nice.
[Image: Fta9VpCh.jpg]

[Image: csRiBI9h.jpg]
Here is the first piece on - quite nice there is small screws with the kit to screw them on with bolts on the other side.
[Image: 4uquza4h.jpg]
The front bumper is glued by doubled glue tape - no screws here.
[Image: gYxBXZ4h.jpg]

[Image: nnm1qmmh.jpg]

[Image: womqrXDh.jpg]
The body is standard 195mm wide - with the body kit, it becomes a 205mm wide beast - also i think Killerbody nailed it with the replica.
[Image: DIIvPUXh.jpg]

[Image: yT4RsWoh.jpg]

And that's it for now - i've just dismantled it and took it for a wash and a scrath-up so now it is ready for paint. I've gotta work a night shift so i'll continue saturday at some point :)
[Image: 3410jt3h.jpg]
Just to give you guys a comparison to how small these screws are - that's a M3 screw to the left and the mini screw to the right ;)
[Image: kw8zzbxh.jpg]

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  having trouble with control
Posted by: groundworks - 11-11-2016, 01:49 PM - Forum: Help Section - No Replies

i have a Tamiya ta06 and I changed the gearing using a 1way 39t front the center is 13/20 and the back is a 16 the pinion and spur is stock. my problem is that I have a really hard time controlling the rear wheels they want to spin out almost every time and I spent time into practicing with it. I do have the axle locked in the back. if theres any ideas or guide me in the right direction I thought about changing the rear back to its normal gear which I think its 18 idk cause I don't have it in front of me at the moment that it might slow the rear down some where I can control it more but I'm not sure with my lack of knowledge in it.

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  Servo stopped working
Posted by: Wolf-Werks - 11-11-2016, 06:01 AM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (5)

My Rc-Omg Lp-cm07s servo has stopped working the servo is about 10 months old, the gears don't show any wear and it is not the gyro as it worked correctly with a different servo

Any help will be appreciated

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  Car selfie
Posted by: chris.lonergan - 11-11-2016, 02:11 AM - Forum: RC Drift Bodies - No Replies

[Image: e5d6252a0f5de082735bed59353ed1f4.jpg]

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  Rwd converted team magic
Posted by: johnnyb666 - 11-10-2016, 03:44 PM - Forum: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - Replies (1)

Hey guys, I have been converting my team magic e4d. To rwd but I am stuck with something. It seems that in order to have decent lock I have to have my toe arms really short (a lot of toe out) so when I try and adjust the Ackerman it is way out, what can I do to get everything nice and even? I currently only have standard hubs and will be buying kpi ones soon

Sent from my SM-G920I using DriftMission

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  Team MagicE4D RWD Conversion
Posted by: littlemonsta - 11-10-2016, 10:50 AM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (13)

Hi All,

[edited and corrections]

I am new to RC and and new to drifting. I got this E4D Brushless 6.5T and I am in the midst of converting it to RWD. I just need a little help with converting it to a reasonable rwd. 

Running Surface: Polished Tiles 
Tires : Rubber Hard Compound 
Everything is standard E4d, i only removed the belt from the front to the back. 

Mods : 
e4d MF knuckles
Shaved Chassis (for more turn angle)
Rear Battery Position (approximately 350grams)
Front Weight (125grams)

Front Toe : out slightly 
Front camber : 2 deg
Rear Camber : 7.7 Deg [this is wrong. 0-2degs only needed]

Diffs are still in.

1) I have a problem that the car doesn't turn sometimes. Wheels are at full lock but the car seems to go in a straight line when it is going fast. Is this normal ? I have no problems if throttle is really low / or surfaces with more traction. 
[ Yes this is normal]

2) I am looking for  Y lower suspension arm joints to fit. Anyone has any ideas of which would fit ?  Can i use the Sakura D4 lower arms ? or anyone has the dims for it ? e4d lower arm is about 29mm length and 5mm thick.
[Sakura D4 lower arms fits]

3) Is a gyro recommended for RWD cars ? Will this resolve most of the fish tailing ? or will it still happen if over throttle ?
[Gyro is needed]

4) Do i need to remove the front diff ? so there is smoother front wheel movement ? 
[ Front diff gone for more angle]
5) Any suggestions to improve on handling ? Softer rubber tires ?
[ Gyro, controller, harder tires, proper weight placement]

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  Servo setup?
Posted by: Andrew_lopez - 11-10-2016, 01:45 AM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (4)

Hi Everyone I have a Savox servo and an eagle racing ta05 chassis I just setup all the electronics but when I connect the servo the steering automatically turns to the right is there something I have to do to make it centralized probably a noob question but I am a newcomer to rc drifting any help would be appreciated!

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  Looking for Sakura D4 awd setup tips
Posted by: Boost Junkie - 11-08-2016, 03:50 AM - Forum: Countersteer Setups - Replies (4)

Hi guys I've been on this forum for a while but this is my first post. I've recently bought a new Sakura D4 awd and built it exactly to the specs in the manual. Driving it on my smooth concrete driveway it just wants to spin really easily. I wound the front springs down two millimetres and stood the rear shocks up to see if it'd make a difference. It's basically still the same. Slow tight corners are kind of ok but on long sweepers it just wants to do 360s. Im just running the standard tyres and have a Speed Passions Dokyo Drift  V3 motor and esc combo, any tips or ideas?

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  I'm looking for a pro painter or airbrush artist
Posted by: chris.lonergan - 11-06-2016, 08:31 PM - Forum: Paint, Decals, and Techniques - Replies (3)

I have a demi works body kit that also needs to be installed on a tamiya rx-7. I need it to look identical to this one, chrome decals and all. If anyone knows someone or feels capable please let me know.
[Image: 8c9edf3c0047d644cc8442d144aaf488.jpg][Image: b7f0c0f84d785f95c9724136988dfd03.jpg][Image: d5fc220a63d6086465fd546048babd60.jpg][Image: de369aef1f2023ee101c5cba1969fa32.jpg][Image: 754069a618871e7beec60fe29440d24f.jpg]
Will pay good money!

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  Exedy like S15
Posted by: fenglee - 11-06-2016, 03:42 AM - Forum: RC Drift Bodies - No Replies

here's my new drift car body, and custom carbon yd2 chassis
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4ddig5j218g0rs0yd.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4btz1gj218g0rs7au.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4955mpj218g0rsjxu.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii47snu9j218g0rsjxi.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4643dhj218g0rs0yu.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii44ia9jj218g0rs0z6.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii41l1ssj218g0rsq8b.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4085lij218g0rswjd.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4r4qz0j218g0rsteb.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4poslwj218g0rsdla.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4on6ghj218g0rsjwt.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4n5rawj218g0rsq86.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4mam5tj218g0rsgq4.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4kofdfj218g0rswj6.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4kgkc1j218g0rs0y4.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4jk0xpj218g0rsdk8.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4ilfnwj218g0rs78m.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4hfseaj218g0rsae8.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4gelp6j218g0rsjw9.jpg]
[Image: 633bbcb5gw1f9ii4eigs0j218g0rsaeu.jpg]

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  Kookie's BRZ
Posted by: kookieboi - 11-05-2016, 05:13 PM - Forum: Hot Bodies and HPI - Replies (4)

So just pick this up the other day to get back into drifting again: RS4 Sport 3 Drift. [Image: d9e71e39ad1c89577dfe9ccde85b6e61.jpg]All I've done so far is add some adjustable links, an intercooler, MST tires (old and worn), Trackstar servo and Futaba receiver. I like it so far but there isn't much info on the web about using these for drifting. Any suggestions? I'm going to do some tinkering to see what I can get out of this thing.

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Posted by: keala599 - 11-04-2016, 03:57 PM - Forum: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - Replies (7)

Hey guys, bit the bullet yesterday and ordered an mst fmx-d lastnight, futaba 3003 servo and a speed passion reventon r/speed passion competition drfit 8.5T.  I have a spectrum radio system I'll throw in it, but need opinions on a good budget gyro and a quality body for a reasonable price,  I really like the look of pandora shells but am afraid they wont fit, preferably a 4 door skyline, or silvia s13/s14/s15.  I'd like to keep the gyro/body purchase under 75 as I have spent more than I'd like to admit already ha-ha, I've been bit by the bug and need something to scratch.


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  Need your help guys.
Posted by: _YD2_Plus - 11-04-2016, 01:02 PM - Forum: Electronics - Replies (4)

I finished assembling my yokomo YD-2 Plus this week. I have the racing performer brushless speed controller and Futaba T4PLS. 

The frustrating thing now is the car does not go reverse, and not sure what I have done  wrong so that the does not go reverse. 

Also the ESC keeps blinking green. 

I really need to help guys and hoping to get some insight in order to sort out this issue.

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  New drifter
Posted by: keala599 - 11-02-2016, 06:25 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (7)

Hey everyone,

My name is Keith Carlson, I'm 18 and moving to Oregon in a couple weeks.  I got my first hobby grade vehicle when I was 13, been bashing and racing 2wd Short Course Truck since day one.  I have always been interested in drifting, it's actually what lead me to actual hobby grade vehicles, except I grew up out in the boonies so flat smooth surfaces where few and far between, now I've moved out and come made some money I want to buy my first kit.  I'm looking RWD since it's pretty much all I know from the SCT, looks more realistic.  I've started 2 threads over the past 2 days asking for help about a Sakura D4 but no replies to either.  I'm not sure if thats because I didn't introduce myself to begin with (only just realized there is an introduction thing) or what, but I am very serious about getting into drfiting and any help regarding what I should get with a sakura d4 rwd to begin with would be great!

Thanks again hope to talk to anyone willing to help a noob,

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  Looking for a good sensored esc
Posted by: Lbj - 11-02-2016, 10:55 AM - Forum: Electronics - Replies (3)

what a good sensored exc for my first upgrade but not a to pricey iam going for a 13.5 turn motor

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