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RE: General Lee Evo - Combat_Drftr - 04-03-2013

(04-03-2013, 01:15 AM)Chiefy707 Wrote:  When I'm on the long ass flight across the pacific I'll give you a PM!  Lol.  I hope airport  security doesn't trip off my RC shit.

They won't.. I brought 4 of mine with electronics and I was good to go.. Yup that flight will be long.. Hehe. Safe trip and great body.. Your Evo that is.. Hehe

RE: General Lee Evo - lexury - 04-03-2013

cool orange... just a reminder, make sure your batts are pack separately with the other rc stuff. and if you guys do tend to visit cebu, let me know, nice to know other pinoys are active in drifting outside of PH.

RE: General Lee Evo - Chiefy707 - 04-04-2013

I was in Cebu 6 years ago, awesome place!  Got to do the tourist thing and see the Chocolate hills and snorkel and stuff.  Really hoping the drift scene out there is on and popping

RE: General Lee Evo - Combat_Drftr - 04-04-2013

boracay you should try man... going there in june.. how long you staying here?

RE: General Lee Evo - Piper - 04-04-2013

(04-03-2013, 12:37 AM)Chiefy707 Wrote:  4 coats of  fluorescent orange, 2 coats competition orange, 2 coats white, 1 coat black.  

Combat Driftr, the 8th!

wow, thats a few coats. heh I was always taught not to apply that many coats on lexan, because of the flex I was told more paint layers like that is prone to flake out of the shell with abuse. If its true or not Idk I have not tested the theory.

RE: General Lee Evo - Combat_Drftr - 04-04-2013

I think the PC paint is made so it will not flake off or chunk off.. i have about 3-5 coats of paint on my bodies and have hit things from wood to straight up bricks and no cracking or flaking of the paint..

RE: General Lee Evo - lexury - 04-04-2013

flaking will only occur if you lay even just 2 coats but not letting it cure in between the coatings. i've done 8 to 10 coats in the past but also took 3 days to finish just for the sprays.

@chiefy, i think your talking about bohol not cebu.  

@combat drifter, not to diss boracay, but thats an overated place, noisy, overcrowded place. unless thats what you prefer :)
if you really want relaxation, white sand beach and less of a crowed, try bantayan island north of cebu, it near one the best dive sites aswell malapascua ;)

RE: General Lee Evo - Combat_Drftr - 04-04-2013

I stay in shangri-la.. Has its own private beach away from the many tourists.. I like Palawan too.. But any way I tend to put more than 4 coats and should be fine.. I have never chipped or flaked, but I have rubbed off paint by the wheel wells... Hehe..

RE: General Lee Evo - Chiefy707 - 04-04-2013

In my experience with the stuff I've found that bad prep will make your paintjob useless.  Not washing the body, not allowing coats to dry, environmental conditions, etc.  Ruined a GT86 body rushing it on a cold, wet night.  Previously I ruined a Tamiya Cusco Subaru doing the same exact thing (think I woulda learned my lesson?!)
Every so often I do a perfect body but most of the time I find my self rushing it because, dammit, I'm not driving!

RE: General Lee Evo - Combat_Drftr - 04-04-2013

So true.. I have gotten impatient on wanting to finish I have messed up bodies in the past... It's about patience...