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MOTOR HELP (Sakura d4) - Millsicorn - 03-07-2017

I just finished assembling my Sakura D4 and put all the electronics in. With the battery charged, I turned on the car and binded to my transmitter. After reversing channel 1 so my steering worked, I tried the throttle. The motor started turning but never gave me much throttle at all. The car moved at very slow speeds and it was obvious that something was wrong. I am running the "Gool Rc" brushless combo from amazon.(which I plan to upgrade later if I feel the need).

RE: MOTOR HELP (Sakura d4) - Gramps50 - 03-07-2017

Check the manual for your transmitter, some of them you have to calibrate the end points for throttle and steering. I know I have to do this with my Spektrum DX4S. Also having the gear mess to tight can also cause what you are describing. Could also be something binding in the drivetrain.

RE: MOTOR HELP (Sakura d4) - madmikehi967 - 03-08-2017

Mines went very slow in reverse. Had to calibrate tx and esc many times until i figured it out. Reversed settings on tx, and calibrate again, tried opposite way and calibrate so on and so on until satisfied. As long as i got full throttle going fwd, and 100 % brakes, reverse doesnt need to go fast.

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RE: MOTOR HELP (Sakura d4) - Millsicorn - 03-08-2017

Thank u so much for the quick replies
I will try these things when I get the chance.