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Sakura D4 Drivers Update - madeinjapandad - 03-14-2017

This question is directed at Sakura D4 drivers ,

We all know the ( D4 VS Y-D2 ) discussion has been had before , but overtime , experiences change and flaws begin to show , most reviews of this subject online are now outdated as its 2017 . How has your experience with the D4 been , was it worth it , have you been to the track and found something better you wish you purchased instead ?  

Would you purchase the D4 again if you could go back in time , or would you purchase something else ?

Would you recommend the D4 over the Y-D2 ?

Has anyone driven both the D4 and the Y-D2 , do you have any other observations ?

Have you been out on the track and noticed any other drifters that were outperforming you in stock mode ?

I would really appreciate any advice , thank you .

RE: Sakura D4 Drivers Update - vlozity - 03-20-2017

i never owned a YD2, but in all honesty it does not interest me. you can spend thousands pimping your car and in the end it is the driver in control. if you know your car you compensate for its weakness.

before i sold my D4's i'd like to think i got it to where i want it to be, i really wish i had not let go of it... hard times required me to make sacrifices. I would still purchase a D4 if given the opportunity, just that i have 2 different chassis now and still learning to tweak them.

the D4 will always be in my heart, it is one of the easiest chassis to learn rwd.

RE: Sakura D4 Drivers Update - Millsicorn - 03-21-2017

+1 D4 all the way