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Window trim after painting - Marshy - 07-07-2017

Hello, I recently painted my first drift car. Used Tamiya PS16 which looks as spectacular as I'd imagined. Unfortunately, the Turnigy RX-7 body I bought came with stickers for windows which I proceeded to do a terrible job of placing.  The flat stickers did not place well over the rounded surfaces and bunched up in places.  I want to remove them and start from scratch.

What I'm wondering is, what is the best way to paint the front and rear window trim?

Should I buy some acrylic paint and take my time with a brush? Should I Mask it off really well and hit it with black primer and clear coat?

Or should I just try and find another sticker sheet?

I would also like to redo the tail lights. For this I was thinking paint with brush over body, then mask off and hit it with VHT nightshade. Thoughts?

Thank you for your time.

RE: Window trim after painting - Woodsnail - 07-10-2017

The way i've been taught is to paint the body on the inside, then before you take the masking off inside, you take a sharp knife/blade, cut the window trim on the outside since the body has that plastic on, use that to your advantage and paint with black/gun metal to get the trim looking realistic and nice.

RE: Window trim after painting - DeadOnImpact - 01-26-2018

Looks like I'm a few months late, but WrapUpNext makes a variety of super fine decals for this purpose, I've used them a few times. They are fairly flexible but the chrome can get a bit wrinkled on sharp corners if you're not careful. Regardless, I find this much easier than trying to paint the trim, and a lot easier to fix if you mess up.