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Searching for .. help needed - KAZ919 - 07-09-2017

Okay so I'm trying to look for both these parts

Active Hobby Axle Shaft 2pcs For STR187 #STR187-1

Active Hobby Type C narrow aluminum upright 2 Gun Metal For Yokomo Drift Package #STR229GU

I have looked on RCMart.com, banzaihobby.com and hobbyking .. with no success... now to complete my RWD set up I need these parts, to increse steering lock on my R31 GRK


So it's important I find these parts, cause I got the Wrap Up parts.. but yeah   problem is I'm not sure where to look =L =L  .... seems RCMart has them on their website but has no stock atmand can't say when/if they will be getting these parts in .... so thats why I'm hoping somewhere else has them..  is there anybody on these boars who could point me in the right way, just a little lost atm if you get what I mean..  B)

RE: Searching for .. help needed - KAZ919 - 07-10-2017

I'm told Wrap or MST hubs would work just as good.. is this true?

RE: Searching for .. help needed - Woodsnail - 07-10-2017

The Active hobby uprights look like a knock off, of mst's kpi knuckles, but they don't have that many screw holes on top and bottom..

But MST has just released a new set of KPI knuckles, that delivers huge lock and adjustability: https://rcboss.com/wheel-hub-parts/1575-mst-atk-alum-upright-820123.html?search_query=upright&results=16


The only bad thing is that they come in Silver, Black, Purple and Red so it won't match totally with your gun metal theme going on..

RE: Searching for .. help needed - KAZ919 - 07-12-2017

I looked at MST knuckles but went for Wrap Up knuckles in the end, was told good things about them