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R31House Grk Global RWD - KAZ919 - 07-12-2017

I wanna adapt this chassis to run RWD, this is the plan. Right it's still a rolling chassis but I have bought the RWD converstion kit, this RWD specific conversion kit from R31House for their GRK Global drift car... ohhh also the Wrap Up lower/upper arms, Wrap Up knuckle etc etc .... so I've got everything, parts wise. Not sure if anything else is needed but Im thinking nothing major ....... hopefully everything I have, just gotta switch decks and lower/upper arms etc etc   ..... so far this is all I got to go with, it will all come together ....... hopefully.

Here's a few links..




Any advice would be welcomed... I'm pretty sure it go fine but still its the first time I have did this sorta convertion