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newbie saying hello - lilws6 - 07-23-2017

Hello all. Just dropping in to introduce my self. Decided i wanted to try out drifting for the first time so i've been slowly building up a Tamiya tt02R that i can use for Vintage trans am racing at my local hobby town and then switch out some wheels and body and go play in a parking lot some where and learn to drift. So far its almost completely setup for VTA with the body and wheels still waiting on tires to be available. So that brings me to the mission of finding a drift body i like and some wheels and tires :) heres some quick pics of it so far ;)
[Image: 36015330965_7950432d3f_c.jpg]DSC_0219 by Don Steuck, on Flickr
[Image: 35256479154_f40f119d6b_c.jpg]Untitled by Don Steuck, on Flickr
[Image: 35705788500_e327538d07_c.jpg]Untitled by Don Steuck, on Flickr

RE: newbie saying hello - Chiefy707 - 07-29-2017

Lots of stuff out there for this chassis so you can grow with it as you learn. Welcome to DM!

newbie saying hello - lilws6 - 07-29-2017

Thanks that's the main reason I started with it did a lot of reading and figured it was the most versatile

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