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Mst fxx-d vip build - Khalilbaz - 07-25-2017


I am new to RC drift world with no experience and I would like to start my journey with the MST fxx-d vip .

I need your help guys by selecting the other part that need to be perchused like ( motor, servo, battery ets...) to complete my rc.

Also, while I am searching for the best choice that will fit my stayle I found that  the MST fxx-d RTR maybe a good choice for a start up but againe I need help what to choose.

I am waiting for your replays.


RE: Mst fxx-d vip build - littlemonsta - 07-28-2017

You can refer to some other post here. Electronics setups are similar. Just go through the help section.

Personally I wouldn't get a fxx-d. But if you think it suits your style I won't stop you. I would rather recommend the rmx-s or yd 2.

If you need a rtr, and you can wait. Rmx-s should have one soon I believe. Or head to RC mart with the beginners packages.

Best bet is to head to the local track if you have one.

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