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Newbie in Chicagloand - FR_Slow - 08-21-2017

Hey everyone, I'm Chris from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I played around with RC cars a little in high school and college, mainly just bashing around the desert (originally from AZ) with a cheap Traxxas Rustler. I've been wanting to get into RC drifting for awhile now, but have always decided to spend the money on 1:1 scale car hobbies instead (autox, hpde, and rallyx in the winter).

After a bit of research, probably less than I should have done haha, I order the following yesterday:

-Sakura D4 AWD
-Yeah Racing Hackmoto V2 13T
-Yeah Racing Hackgear Servo
-Yeah Racing Tritronic
-ABC Hobby R30 Skyline body
-FlySky TX FS-GT3B
-Charger and a Gens ace 5000mAh 50c 2S LiPo

I went with the CS D4 simply because of reading and watching a good number of reviews that said it'd be easier to learn and less likely to get discouraged, although I read plenty of opinions that also said to just jump into RWD. My main goal, for the time being, is simply to have some fun with a moderately expensive toy. I figured the D4 would be a good choice since it was in my price range and can be converted to RWD fairly easily.

This is gonna be my first time actually building a kit, my old Rustler was bought as an RTR, and I'm pretty excited for that. Looking forward to joining the community, and learning/sharing a lot more on here.

Here's the progress on the car so far.

[Image: rztm6p8wdlrgijaoy6qn.jpg]

Ran into a bit of a snag last night with the upper deck and front shock mount coming into contact with each other, so I'm picking up some sand paper today to take a bit off the front of the upper deck. Hoping I can finish up the build tonight.

RE: Newbie in Chicagloand - FR_Slow - 08-29-2017

Updated with actual picture of the RC car. Everything is in now, and I'm hoping to have the car built and body painted by the weekend.

RE: Newbie in Chicagloand - H0LESH0T - 08-29-2017

Welcome to DM Forum.
Nice choice in the D4. Countless amount of hop-up parts out there for them and standard parts are easy and cheap to come by. Looking good, what color you planning on the R30 body?

RE: Newbie in Chicagloand - dadwithrc - 08-29-2017

I'm pretty new also to the forum but from what I have read it the people will help you 100%. You car looks really nice. That a great starter car for sure. We would love to see the body.

RE: Newbie in Chicagloand - FR_Slow - 08-30-2017

Thanks, guys! Yeah, the cheaper hop up/replacement parts is one reason I opted for the D4 over a YD-2 or MS-01D.

I'm gonna go with a classic red on top of black two tone for the body. I'll post pics of it in my build thread once it's complete.