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Hey all from cincy area - Hogfmamtaj - 09-24-2017

Hello all! My girl and I have been racing off road 2wd SC, mod 2wd buggy, 1/8 e buggy as our main classes for 6-7 years. Before that it was maybe a decade of mostly monster truck bashing. Along the way I purchased an exceed drift car, and a traxxas rally.

Recently we purchased a traxxas 4 tec 2.0 and a latrax sst to race a spec class at our local hobby shop with my son. Well that didn't work out so I decided to turn the 4 tec into a drift car and I stumbled upon this site. 

I found a brand new fxxd ifs, and a nice tc6 through rctech and swapped a couple short course trucks with a dude in Hawaii.

Cars as of now.

4 tec has 500k fluid in front diff stock in rear, some suspension tuning, a blue bird servo. Stock brushed system. Raikou tires, mst asjustable offset wheels. Does okay but the dogbones limit steering and camber. Pretty much the basher. 

Fxx d ifs has a close to stock setup, aside from 60 weight associated shock fluid in the front. Shorty pack all the way forward. Running a turnigy turbo 120 esc, trakpower 13.5, futaba digital hs metal gear servo, stock gyro. It has aluminum front upper arms and mst aluminum shocks. Team tetsujin adjustable offset wheels, eBay hard rubber tires, they are super heavy also. Absolute pleasure to drive!

Tc6 has an unknown suspension setup, extremely tight front diff, loose rear diff. Raikou tires on mst 5mm wheels. Turnigy turbo 120 esc, viper 9.5, savox 1257. Talk about fun!

Most surprising.. My sons latrax sst.. has a toro brushless system, stock servo and battery, aluminum rear cvd.. Putting on hard rubber drift tires made this thing a little drifting beast on our concrete garage floor which is where we drift them all!

I'm learning a lot here, thanks everyone! I'll be looking for another rwd drift chassis/gyro!

Would love to find some drifty things to do within a reasonable distance from cincinnati.