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Eagle TT02 RWD - Heisenberg - 10-14-2017

Hey peeps. I have a Eagle TT02 RWD chassis enroute' and have a couple of questions for any other TT02 RWD owners out there

1. Battery postition,has anyone played round with saddle packs? and stick pack position, longitudinal or horizontal?

2. What is the deal with the spur gear size? I see it is 48p but what sort of spur gear is used? Going by the pictures on the web the spur looks quite wide in comparison to touring car spurs which are quite narrow traditionally

3. Can standard size servos fit in the dock or only low profile servo's?

Any light shed on these questions is much appreciated


RE: Eagle TT02 RWD - SlammedRustler125 - 12-21-2017

You can use either 64p gears or 48p but the Pitch on the pinion gear MUST match the spur or you will strip some teeth. I find having your battery horizontally helps promote weight transfer, but makes initiations feel out of control compared to longtitudial with the chassis. Not sure If you can fit a full size servo on the chassis as I do not own that chassis. But I know for sure If you want a lower FDR to use 64p as you can get lower, more controllable ratios.