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Off Road Racer Becomes Part Time Drifter - Vital-Blurs - 12-05-2017

Hi everyone.

I'm still fairly new to the RC drifting scene, but I've been racing 1/10th scale electric off road for the last 4 years or so, at Adelaide Radio Controlled Raceway (ARCR) in South Australia. Having an outdoor clay track to race on every fortnight is pretty sweet, yet it takes a huge amount of work to maintain and the weather can bring the season to a complete halt occasionaly. Sometimes months between race meetings!  I needed something indoors  =S

Thankfully, I could see that RWD was now the way and decided on an MST FXX-D in RTR form with the Tamiya BRZ body to get me started quickly. I just finished off the body wth some decals, LED's, pipes and magnetic mounts.

[Image: NvGSVfah.jpg]

 [Image: wJ87JUnh.jpg]

[Image: uDqkKRlh.jpg]

[Image: h69zLaPh.jpg]

[Image: GXaBMF0h.jpg]

[Image: vdAUwNzh.jpg]

I found the car extremely easy to drive straight away with the gyro set at the default 100%, although a little twitchy. With half a dozen packs of practice and the gyro turned back to about 50% it's an absolute breeze to drive. It's such a relaxing way to enjoy RC and a nice change of pace from racing  =) 

What good is a drift car without somewhere to drive it properly though?....thankfully the Warehouse Sliders are based only 5 minutes down the road from me and on the opposite weekend to my off road commitments. Lucky me!

I've also been producing race videos for ARCR for some time and of course, my YouTube channel is now quickly filling up with drifting vids, too.  Here's one from the last session just a couple of days ago. 


*Until I figure out how this forum likes its YT links inserted. Every forum seems to be different. Any tips?