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New to RC Drift - HerosMustRise - 05-22-2018

I have recently discovered the vast community that surrounds the idea of drift RC. I am interested in this, since my life has always been about the idea of cars. I am definitely new to this scene as I have no clue what I am doing. Please bear with me, as I will be learning and experiencing a new hobby. Thanks for having me!

RE: New to RC Drift - Mawwan - 05-27-2018

[size=small][font=arial, sans-serif][b][color=#cccc66] New to RC Drift  Many people would like to know this group. Anyone interested in these must come to know me. สุขภาพ

RE: New to RC Drift - tt01 project - 06-04-2018

See how active the drift community is?
Very encouraging , right?
Get ready for a lot of disappointments and confusion until you either make it work or decide to quite.
The people looking for advice are the ones out there giving advice.
Once they get their setup perfected , they vanish off the forums.
Don't expect reliable support nor information.
The truth is your mostly on your own.