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New guy - JAYchossDAboss - 07-05-2018

What's up ya'll. I'm new to RC drifting but not to drifting. The strategies are same but controls are different. I started of with an AWD rear motor set up. The AWD was not challenging enough and the rear motor did not give me that realistic feel so I modified it into a RWD front motor set up. It kicks butt. Originally I wanted to buy one but I have only found a few that are set up that way (Sukura D3, Bulldog, and one other) so I built my own. Now I'm slowly tuning my custom/modified chassis and am excited to share it with the RC drift community, especially at events. Pictures and videos coming soon.

RE: New guy - Ovah - 07-06-2018

Welcome Jay, I am new here and to rc drift as well. I myself...after months of research.. decided on the sukura D4 rwd black. The forums here are a great place to read and ask for help. check out the streaming channel DRIFT MISSION

RE: New guy - H0LESH0T - 07-06-2018

Welcome to DM.