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Hey there from WA State - Xayrone - 07-28-2018

Hello there everyone!

I'm completely brand new to drift rc in general, but I have been racing and working on rc cars here and there. Drifting always seemed fun, but I haven't really bothered to get into it since I had no one to really do it with. I recently got my buddy into rc with a hopped up TT02S with some decent drifting tires to kinda just get him into it since he drifts with his real car since I was getting out of touring for F1 and 1/12 Pan Cars. He's enjoyed it a bunch, and he eventually wanted to save up for a solid drift chassis.

I came home from another day at work with a gently used MST XXX-D VIP roller for $200. I've been looking into it through reviews and some articles, and it seemed like a good place to start. I don't intend to get too serious into it just, but I may hop it up down the line. My main intent right now is to really just have fun with my friend, but I would love to fine tune and improve the chassis. I've been hearing a lot that RWD seems to be the way to go, and I bookmarked the process on how to do it in any case. It's not ideal, but I'll just pop on a brushed silver can on it for now with a 2s lipo as I slowly research about the electronics I should get into for it. But if anyone does have any suggestions or advice, I'd gladly appreciate it! I hope to learn a lot more about rc drifting in general. Thanks for listening to what I have to say and I hope you all have a good one.