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tips for the first drift model - Belvis - 11-03-2018

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the drift world, but not to the dynamic modeling (coming from the scaler,crawler and 1/8 truggies) ... I would be looking for a 1/10 scale model to start not too expensive, but resistant and with a good network of spare parts and why not some up to be able to improve in a future with which you can have fun without competitive ambitions .... I would prefer preferably an RTR model or in case a good kit was not possible, but I got lost and confused among the myriad models on the market, it seems that every manufacturer has at least one model drifting, in addition to technical differences (4WD, RWD, shaft drive, belt drive, with or without countersteer) what do you recommend?

RE: tips for the first drift model - MrAkhtar86 - 11-11-2018


The most favourable and reasonable priced chassis' available at this time are the MST RMX 2.0 and the Yokomo YD-2.
Both come in basic entry level plastic versions with upgrades available from their respective manufacturers as well as third party companies. I believe there is more available for the YD-2.

Some online shops are offering RTR kits but they will be supplying them with basic electronics.You will most likely have whatever they're offering within your spares. A good place to start is a 120A esc with turbo and a 10.5t brushless sensored motor. Combine them with a relatively fast servo and a gyro (Onisiki for example).

With regards to drivetrain, RWD gear/shaft driven is most popular followed closely but RWD belt drive. And motor positions seem to be favouring to be just in front of the rear axle.

Hope this helps!