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New to rc drift - charlow7mgte - 01-20-2019

Hello everyone im Charlie from Central PA, ive Always wanted an rc drifter so I finally got one, didnt do much research at all but I think I made a pretty good start-up decision, its a redcat thunder drift AWD belt driven with a brushed motor and a Pandora RC Nissan 240sx body, the battery doesnt last long at all and the steering seems a little goofy but I think I can solve those problems relatively easy, it seems to be pretty in depth as far as suspension adjustment all I've done so far is slam it, if anyone has any input on these chassis as far as things I should do/look out for id appreciate it, converting it to RWD would be great im not a fan of the AWD very much but its my first one so now I know what i want next, planning on doing a complete inside/out build of my actual car. Anyway heres a couple quick pics of the car [Image: 857c7c01bd4bf5d984a0f4aa8cbaad2d.jpg][Image: bb0673f882843dfcc83ae91c80de8a58.jpg][Image: 70a9a3882eabde713c68e45ca3f7b8f9.jpg]

RE: New to rc drift - MrAkhtar86 - 02-24-2019

Have a look here:


Maybe it will help you get started