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You in action!! - HAYASHI - 08-04-2013

I couldn't see a thread for pics of our cars in action, so i figured it would be good to have a thread dedicated for actual drifting pics so post up!
I'll start off with a few that Ebbcake shot of me on the weekend at the local warehouse meet.

[Image: 2photo.jpg]
[Image: 3photo.jpg]
[Image: 1photo.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - BVRacingOO7 - 08-04-2013

Nice angles! Was that a clip point on the bottom pic?

RE: You in action!! - HAYASHI - 08-04-2013

(08-04-2013, 06:35 PM)BVRacingOO7 Wrote:  Nice angles! Was that a clip point on the bottom pic?

Thanks,Not specifically a clip point just the inside of the corner

RE: You in action!! - pickled - 08-04-2013

hey these are also taken by Ebbicake at the same drift meet

[Image: qsj0.jpg]
[Image: msbq.jpg]
[Image: 7bku.jpg]
[Image: i37q.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - Hachi_roku86 - 08-04-2013

M7 drive in action
[Image: null_zps26981b8d.jpg]
[Image: null_zps0dbb7676.jpg]
[Image: null_zps3ca04dc7.jpg]
[Image: null_zpse606450b.jpg]
[Image: null_zps318c03f4.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - mikep415 - 08-06-2013

LS460 fitted on the DRB 1.8 CS
[Image: 148_zps7e39c9b2.jpg]
[Image: 147_zpsa75250ff.jpg]
Yokomo PS13 w/RB front and rear fitted on the DRB
[Image: 18_zps118bb39f.jpg]
HPI FRS Fitted on my current chassis MST XXX VIP Black 2.0 CS
[Image: 16_zps106bdcac.jpg]
[Image: 17_zps8350ed6e.jpg]
[Image: 20_zpsc070586f.jpg]
[Image: 21_zps096e77d9.jpg]
all action shots are from my garage track lol
[Image: 19_zps0bc87a5b.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - teshi - 08-06-2013

Me on some clean carpet for once

[Image: 9175811079_84109dfca5_c.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - HAYASHI - 08-07-2013

Few more popped up on FB
[Image: rcphoto.png]
[Image: rcphoto2.png]

RE: You in action!! - robb41488 - 08-09-2013

bunch of different bodies of mine in action

(this one is my buddy but i have the body back now)
[Image: 293477_276841042425001_178150232_n.jpg]

white FC is me
[Image: .facebook_2084266603.jpg]
[Image: 553875_450610781650484_1102905365_n.jpg]

red fc is me
[Image: wow.jpg]
[Image: wallride%2521%2521%2521.jpg]

this livery didnt last long... may go back to it
[Image: 577170_542012042510357_1981546543_n.jpg]
[Image: 556821_542011569177071_613315009_n.jpg]
[Image: 63040_542507322460829_1518051659_n.jpg]

black evo 3
[Image: 309422_434684026576493_1038842840_n.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - AzN 2NR - 08-10-2013

my onevia and DM-Bawts s15
[Image: 75947_441411835896196_1317683963_n.jpg]