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RE: You in action!! - lucas.jdm - 04-18-2014

My Z in action...

RE: You in action!! - HAYASHI - 04-20-2014

My RC-ART Crimson Lightning today

[Image: 0c36f4b8-8b19-40b3-8626-61048e068d13.jpg]

Re: You in action!! - ash_jarvis - 04-28-2014


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RE: You in action!! - Spade115 - 04-28-2014


makes me wish I had bought an elec instead of nitro lol

Very nice man.

Re: You in action!! - robb41488 - 04-29-2014

One from this weekend. Sorry me and benny are kinda far haha

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RE: You in action!! - NMRacing - 05-02-2014

[Image: 10151407_10152342427134600_788256668_n.jpg]

[Image: 1380273_10151970291809600_842901064_n.jpg]

[Image: 1451387_636562489738901_180335540_n.jpg]

You in action!! - ridinvintage - 05-02-2014

Last year at Carlisle P&S

[Image: py4u6yga.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - SportyModder - 05-13-2014

[Image: IMG_20140501_154314_zpswfq59dvb.jpg]
[Image: IMG_7326_zps5zac04em.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - esthurteenkoop - 06-06-2014

Only one I have of any of my bodies sliding. This is 2009 i believe. RCDriftClub End of Summer Comp
[Image: c95b34ca-3704-44e1-a9f8-7db328e1b33b_zps191656ef.jpg]

RE: You in action!! - patrick - 06-15-2014

me with my jxz100 verty
[Image: 10363531_709671382423455_172276570973649...2555ac.jpg]
and with my s15
[Image: 10307361_661103463966156_736475872218720...0a192a.jpg]