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yet another newb - zwickey - 09-11-2013

Hello all! Chalk up another newbie to your ranks. a buddy took me to an off road rc race a few months back and I was hooked. bought a couple of sct's and have had a blast. As my searches on the internet grew broader, I found rc drifting. Wow, I was Impressed. You guys rock! That being said, I am a drifter ( armature ) have been drifting my Nissan 240 sx se for years. My little girl isn't so little any more and I promised her the car...... so, rc drifting is kind of my thing right now. have a ton of questions just don't think this is the proper forum to post them. being a newb to the forum, any and all helpful info will be well received! Thanks in advance!

RE: yet another newb - robb41488 - 09-11-2013

welcome to DM!!

RE: yet another newb - lougc8 - 09-11-2013

Welcome to DM and don't worry about asking question here. Go right ahead as long as it relates to RC drifting and along the lines of.

RE: yet another newb - RCPHREEK - 09-12-2013

Welcome to DM! Fellow off road fan;);)
And ask all the questions u want, even if there not rc related, there is a off topic section as well:):)