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SPICE Desire SRD-01 *FINISHED* (Warning : 16.9MP of Pics) - AmirF35 - 10-05-2013

So yesterday I got my SPICE Desire SRD-01, And you'll never gonna believe how much I bought for this. Ready? RM399. That's about $125 US.
So I begun my build at 8:30pm and paused at 4:00am because I'm extremely tired. Thankfully yesterday was Saturday and now its Sunday. If it's a schoolday I wont be building in the middle of the night.
Anyways, enjoy the build.

The table is prepared.
[Image: s3ji.jpg]
What's in the box.
I like the Gram Light rims that's included.
[Image: r2l9.jpg]
I bought a CS kit but for now I'm not using it.
[Image: qh5m.jpg]
So let the build begin......
Started with front bulkheads
[Image: ho61.jpg]
I have to say that the bulkheads or whatever you call 'em is identical front and rear.
Motor mount installed.....mmm.....aluminium.....
[Image: dqr7.jpg]
Rear Bulkheads installed
[Image: 1a5b.jpg]
So far, it took me an hour to do this parts. Thanks to the "M2.5x6MM" screw.
Rear belt tensioner installed
[Image: c2e5.jpg]
Front ball diffs (it was my first time building a ball differential)
[Image: g4t7.jpg]
Spur gear and pulleys installed
[Image: ey92.jpg]
rear diffs installed
[Image: fpvn.jpg]
Upper deck, steering and the upper bulkheads installed
[Image: royj.jpg]
The steering is quite rough, i need to buy aluminium steering later.
Dampers. It took me 4 hours to build 4 dampers, that was tiring thanks to the stupid E-Clips flying around jumping and darn
[Image: p3ds.jpg]
Front shock towers installed
[Image: 5n5c.jpg]
At this point, I stopped . It's 4:00am and I ain't even mad.
Feel free to ask any questions or correct me if I'm wrong.

RE: SPICE Desire SRD-01 WIP (Warning : 16.9MP of Pics) - lougc8 - 10-05-2013

Where did you find it that cheap? Nice job so far, I bet time flew bye really fast during the build. Looks like your almost done anyways I'm sure your excited to run it.

RE: SPICE Desire SRD-01 WIP (Warning : 16.9MP of Pics) - AmirF35 - 10-06-2013

I got this from A shop called RC Smart Setapak . The website is www.rcsmart.com.my . I just finished the build, just waiting to order a transmitter at rcmart next Sunday and hopefully rcMart started selling Tamiya LaFerrari Bodyshell or if it doesn't , I'll just get 458 Italia body instead.
continuing the progress until finished.
rear shock towers
[Image: 0dr1.jpg]
upper arms
[Image: 651m.jpg]
[Image: 0aev.jpg]
Nearly Finished!
[Image: p7p7.jpg]
[Image: eedj.jpg]
I discovered that this Aluminium servo mount was NOT SUPPOSE to be in this kit. If you check the manual there are no aluminium servo mount, I must've been lucky
[Image: u3ze.jpg]
[Image: me_gusta_hd_by_javiercent-d4r0ki6.png]
Servo attached
[Image: 2jgb.jpg]
[Image: 8s6n.jpg]
[Image: cjjg.jpg]