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SuperStreetSupra Mark III - Davis - 11-08-2012

This is the latest addition to my garage. - I also wanted a body with "sleepyeyes". And since I didn ´t want to build just another 180sx I chose the Supra A70 body from ABC hobby.

The color is Tamiya translucent orange backed with gunmetal. - Which results in a brown/bronce color in diffuse lighting and a golden/orange shine in sunlight. - The rims are painted with Tamiya Camel Yellow for some color contrast.

Self made diffuser, exhaust, tow hook and roll cage (that is invisible behind the tinted windows ^^) - The front lip is taken from the HPI Soarer.

[Image: dsc07260copyzvutb.jpg]

[Image: dsc07254copynz7o9.jpg]

[Image: dsc07285copydj7tk.jpg]

[Image: dsc07279copyteuyp.jpg]

[Image: dsc07261copydkug4.jpg]

[Image: dsc07276copybeu65.jpg]

[Image: dsc07294copyia7hi.jpg]

[Image: dsc07282copyexuyq.jpg]

RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - mc barret - 11-08-2012

very nice color I like
  rear diffuser him well
with aluminum-colored or chrome rim it will be even more beautiful  ;)

RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - robb41488 - 03-05-2013


RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - Combat_Drftr - 03-05-2013

Looks great!!

RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - Aralph - 03-05-2013

Looks great

RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - RE-Xtreme RC - 03-05-2013

Love the old supras. This looks very nice.

i'd love to see the 2.5 GT twin turbo stickers on the side. gotta love the late 80s

RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - skr8pn - 03-05-2013

looks insane Davis... Great work!

RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - davidsmunoz - 03-05-2013

Yea man I dig it. Love the paint

RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - mc barret - 03-08-2013

very nice body and picture

RE: SuperStreetSupra Mark III - k0di - 03-08-2013

Amazing work.