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help guys (.^_^.) - kengallardo - 11-28-2012

where i can find hop up parts for hpi sprint 2... or any parts from any brand that will fit to my hpi sprint 2... thank you guys... send me a link please if you have..

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - s.s.louie - 11-28-2012

this  is the only site i know of. id get as much hpi stuff as possible. gpm's  quality is questionable

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - GenkiRF - 11-28-2012

I'm not sure where you're located, but Tower Hobbies carries a lot of the HPI parts for the car.


GPM's aluminum is a bit soft and prone to bending. That said, some people have had no problem with it, and some people have had problems, so I think it may be a hit or miss with their aluminum products. Personally, I would stay away from the suspension parts, but the other products may be alright.

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - kengallardo - 11-28-2012

im from united states.. can you give me more link for hpi hop up parts even in the other country?... thank you

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - GenkiRF - 11-28-2012

What are you looking for in particular?

If you're looking to upgrade to a carbon chassis or something, I'd say the exotek one looks good! http://www.exotekracing.com/sprint-spx-pro-chassis-set/

Or you can go for what HPI offers, although that carbon chassis is made for saddle packs. You'd have to mount a stick pack with Velcro or custom mounts or something.

Otherwise, there isn't much support for the sprint 2... even cs'ing the car requires custom work/pulleys.

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - kengallardo - 11-28-2012

im looking for chassis upgrade bro... send me all you know....i want to choose which one is better for me.. thank you...

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - GenkiRF - 11-28-2012

Like I said, there really isn't a lot of support for this car... either way, good luck with it. It's definitely not a chassis I'd sink much money into personally, but makes for a good basher.

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - Mainly MT - 11-28-2012

I dont see the point of buying a 3rd Party Parts for your Sprint2..IMO I would focus more on the body than making the chassis look good.

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - s.s.louie - 11-29-2012

its really not that hard to cs a sprint. the pulleys from my taot5 will fit a sprint with no modding

RE: help guys (.^_^.) - kengallardo - 11-29-2012

what pulley is that?? lol can i have one?? (.^_^.)