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TC5 Drift Chassis - bradshawkyle - 04-28-2014

I have no experience with drifting but want to give it a shot. I've spent the past three seasons racing mostly onroad carpet, and have a TC5 gathering dust in in my garage. Could someone give me some advice?

I'm planning to drop an old 17.5 motor in the car, spool in back, one way in front. I'd like to drift at higher speeds in parking lots and sport courts, so the poly wheels don't look like they'll do the trick - will the HPI drift tires work? Also, is there a basic setup I should put on the car? I'm guessing my high grip carpet setup isn't gonna cut it in the drifting world.

This is purely for bashing-style drifting - no competitions or anything like that. I've managed to get the ass-end of my 17.5 Touring car to step-out with the "wrong" tires on the back, causing the car to blast around the corner at 25mph, which was a helluva lot of fun. I'm thinking the combination of spool, decent power and some bravery ought to get me there - what do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your help.

RE: TC5 Drift Chassis - tamiya - 04-28-2014

just put any poly tyre on it & see how you go!

HPI T-Drifts are a reliable favourite.

Stick to your grip setup to start with, don't need to change anything fancy.
Front oneway isn't a necessity, only if you prefer it.