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ABC Hobby Sileighty - ygoslo - 08-07-2014

First post. (^_^)

Inspired by a Japanese street drift car from the early 2000s that was featured in Australian High Performance Imports magazine & DVD.

[Image: P1018372_zps6339a08c.jpg]

[Image: P1018361_zpsee660bbc.jpg]

[Image: P1018367_zpsb622cc2c.jpg]

[Image: P1018358_zps13560f02.jpg]

Tamiya lame flake backed with Tamiya metallic green backed with Tamiya silver. RC-Art East Bear style mirrors, Maruma Factory Hot Road style bumper vent. ABC Hobby body line tape. Various wheels, in proper street drift style. Still need to do lights.

RE: ABC Hobby Sileighty - foku5 - 08-07-2014

I really like this! Dig the street style bodies. Good job on the wheel fitment as well! Also, awesome color work!

RE: ABC Hobby Sileighty - dj nekkon - 08-07-2014

very well done...and taht color is money

RE: ABC Hobby Sileighty - ticross - 08-07-2014

Love the look with those te37's.

RE: ABC Hobby Sileighty - timmo1989 - 08-16-2014

Love it man looks killa

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ABC Hobby Sileighty - osncoll_0716@icloud.com - 10-18-2014

Nice!! Abc hobby makes good bodies!!