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Dlike s15 "red dream" - ddctoxic - 09-06-2014

Hey guys i am from the DEVILSDRIFTCREW in germany so i'm sorry for my bad english. I just wanted my clean dlike s15

Body: Dlike
Exhaust: Swp
Rollcage: Selfmade
Stickers: Selfmade
Intercooler: Made by a friend
Lightbuckets: Yokomo
Lightunit: R2 Hobbies
Wheels: Mst Kairo and on second pictures swp mesh

The color only looks great if the sun is shyning so now I just let the photos speak ;). Hope you'll like it. :D

[Image: fb70f8111821fb05d04e0ac2884b8f94.jpg]

[Image: d09b05350da54609689584bd25522026.jpg]

[Image: 2611a2f4b5b7f8a552c997aa24e61a41.jpg]

[Image: 1b201e4d7e2995fc11f4f2578c78ad72.jpg]

[Image: 33a0e439bb1d9dc16d7358622de09905.jpg]

[Image: 31f921ca6222e98a7d3d644a662f96e2.jpg]

[Image: 3f7c94dd3ca35eb68745a9735c0b5281.jpg]

[Image: c2d274d6504ae3ac8126f35672703dae.jpg]

[Image: 57be2b5c0d0f617eb835111dc221b045.jpg]

RE: Dlike s15 "red dream" - lougc8 - 09-06-2014

Looks great! Love the color on this.

RE: Dlike s15 "red dream" - kookieboi - 09-06-2014

Absolutely beautiful!

RE: Dlike s15 "red dream" - Juggernaut - 09-06-2014

Love the colour, good job!!!

RE: Dlike s15 "red dream" - ddctoxic - 09-07-2014

Thanks. Its painted in that way: first translucent Red then Gunmetal and then Black (all tamiyacolors) ;)

RE: Dlike s15 "red dream" - dj nekkon - 09-07-2014

super clean. love the color

RE: Dlike s15 "red dream" - n2rc - 09-07-2014

Nice... 2 thumbs up!!

RE: Dlike s15 "red dream" - d1champ - 09-07-2014


Dlike s15 "red dream" - osncoll_0716@icloud.com - 10-18-2014

Wow!! What paint did you use??

RE: Dlike s15 "red dream" - ddctoxic - 10-18-2014

First tamiya translucent red then tamiya gun metal and for finish tamiya black