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Ride Height - St_V3ngeance - 09-09-2014

Anyone know how to change the ride height on an HPI Sprint 2 Flux? It's catching so much ground

RE: Ride Height - wareagle84 - 09-09-2014

the only way really is to adjust your droop screws located near the chassis on the suspension arms. kind of a PITA to get to if you don't have a long handled hex driver.

Ride Height - TraneDrift - 01-07-2015

Wareagle84 sorry but I have to disagree with you there. If you want to raise it change the shock position and add a spacer that's about 4mm thick it gets rid of the slow damper rebound and raises it. What some people don't realize is those thin crappy spaces they give you out of the box actually do nothing. If you take off one of the shock and pull it fully extended there is about 4mm from top of coil to the top coil washer. The spacer acts like the adjustment but on threaded shocks. That's I adjusted mine. Hope this helps. If you want vid or pics I'll post some.

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