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Toyota Ae86 Trueno - Piper - 01-25-2013

[Image: 2hrebtw.jpg]

[Image: aysfug.jpg]

First time using Pactra Kryptonite Gold, Color is growing on me

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - skr8pn - 01-25-2013

That's real clean looking, nice job!

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - AzN 2NR - 01-25-2013

haha welcome to club ae, I should bring mine out again

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - Combat_Drftr - 01-26-2013

That's a good color...

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - pickled - 01-27-2013

It's a  irridecsent paint isn't it

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - Piper - 01-27-2013

(01-27-2013, 01:57 AM)pickled Wrote:  It's a ┬áirridecsent paint isn't it


They call it a flip-flop, to be honest I thought it was gonna look like the cap on the spray bomb lol, which was a cool looking greeny gold. Its definitely green in come lights and gold in others though

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - TheCarterRoss - 02-03-2013

These pictures do not do the paint justice! It looks awesome!

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - lexury - 02-06-2013

just needs a little more detailing like bodylines :)

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - Piper - 02-15-2013

[Image: 2qlhl6v.jpg]

new pipe

RE: Toyota Ae86 Trueno - Piper - 02-15-2013

I wanted to see what everyone's opinion would be on throwing a Stage - D body Kit on this body, I ordered one at my LHS, and it just showed up :), Please post your thoughts, Yes / No, Color? thanks again.

[Image: mwwdol.jpg]