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Whats up? - c0bra - 06-10-2015

Ive been in this hobby for a few years now but mostly on the crawler and short course side. Ive had several hpi sprint 2's that were mostly a 50/50 car but i did have one that was around a 1.5s and was front motor. I liked the car but i eventually sold it. I did buy a sakura d3 but i sold it the week after i built it.

Right now the closest thing i have to a drift car is a xray t3 2011 that has a solid axle up front, gear diff in rear, and a vbc chassis. For electronics its got a savox 1251mg servo, hobbywing justock esc and a 13.5 speed passion motor.

Now im not sure if i want to build the xray into a drifter or buy a different car. If i go for a different car, id be looking to spend about $300 on a kit. I would also like to get one thats already in the united states, and it also have parts support over here as well

Whats up? - JRozario - 06-12-2015

Hey welcome! My suggestion is a purpose built drifter like the MS-01D RTR. Comes with a nice selection of bodies and tons of options for upgrades. Comes brushed, definitely something you can build off of. Good luck and enjoy the forum!

Whats up? - c0bra - 06-12-2015

Ive actually been thinking about the ms01d pro but im not sure how long it will take to get parts