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Flaked STI - Combat_Drftr - 12-26-2012

Still not done.. but 90% complete... this is on my D3..

[Image: 44993_10151347469647220_729159826_n.jpg]
[Image: 66458_10151347469742220_652167145_n.jpg]
[Image: 154721_10151347470222220_447024499_n.jpg]

RE: Flaked STI - Combat_Drftr - 12-26-2012

thanks man.. still not done.. i think i can lower the mounts more.. to get ehe hella flush look.. hehe

RE: Flaked STI - Leo - 12-27-2012

Wow, nice body you got there ;) Can you say what colors did you use for the body paint? I really like that pink. Omg

RE: Flaked STI - robb41488 - 12-27-2012

that cusco body looks amazing :)

RE: Flaked STI - pickled - 12-28-2012

nice love the colour too!

RE: Flaked STI - AzN 2NR - 12-28-2012

looks awesome in that color, also the perfect body to make use of the rear diffuser.

RE: Flaked STI - killersushi99 - 12-28-2012

Dats Whats Up! Very Nice! Fellow D3 owner myself.

RE: Flaked STI - davidsmunoz - 01-05-2013

what flakes did u use?

RE: Flaked STI - mc barret - 01-06-2013

very good jog

RE: Flaked STI - pickled - 01-06-2013

does everyone post from their phones with auto complete on lol
did you use lame flake?