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Hello people... - Tlaloc - 11-12-2015

Hey all!

 I'm returning to the RC drift scene after a good ten year hiatus. Mostly confined to car parks and quiet side streets, but having fun nonetheless. Currently reviving my old TT01 drifter for the youngster, whilst I have bought myslef a TRF415 off Ebay (just because I've always wanted one). Here it is after a week or two of tinkering, fettling and parts ordering, including new electronics - Hobbywing 17.5T JSTOCK Combo, 5800Mah LiPo - 5800?! Last battery I bought was a 2600Mah NiMh and that was considered high capacity!

[Image: 22938265866_6ad27026c7_k.jpg]

I have a nice new ABC Hobby Mazda RX3 Savanna GT shell and some Scale Dynamics mesh wheels and polycarbonate tyres to adorn it with yet. Still trying to decide on a colourscheme but I'm thinking some 'Bozo' type styling might work. Shame I can't get hold of the ABC flared wheel arches anymore, as they'd have really set it off. I shall try and get a build thread started to post updates etc. In the meantime...

Stay sideways people!

RE: Hello people... - RustedRC - 11-12-2015

Hello Tlaloc. nice looking chassis you got there. bozo look sounds interesting. looking forward to what you come up with.

RE: Hello people... - davidsmunoz - 11-18-2015