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Pandora rc NSX - troyz22 - 04-16-2016

Ive been wanting to do this body for quite some time now, but just couldn't find any good builds of it, so i was kinda scared of the quality and mold etc.... but I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try anyhow, and like most Pandora bodies, the lexan isn't the best, but the detail is really on point, as far as body lines molding, grills, door handles etc.  Im really really feeling this build so far. 

body- Pandora rc NSX
Paint - tamiya metallic orange, backed with bright white
Wheels - MST SP1 painted white centers, I also like the RC-ART SP4 wheels as well( titan silver)

still need to do the Rear light lenses... waiting on WUN stuff to come in, waiting for rear diffuser to come in, and also waiting on exhaust tips

any who here are some pics

[Image: 13043677_10101444678115762_5229784154158...bakwo4.jpg]
[Image: 13010658_10101444678110772_5610050147492...lyfcin.jpg]

[Image: 13054589_10101444927131732_1194035989_o_zpss1usp7un.jpg]

[Image: 12998541_10101444678155682_1977485657293...h9ohzu.jpg]

[Image: 13043725_10101444678160672_8656966944189...jony7v.jpg]

RE: Pandora rc NSX - DriftGundam - 04-16-2016

Nicely done, the metallic paint really pops in the sunlight.

I also like how you have the windows partly down, it's a nice touch.


RE: Pandora rc NSX - troyz22 - 04-16-2016


RE: Pandora rc NSX - H0LESH0T - 04-16-2016

Nice, color looks unreal in the sun and the body lines look good.

RE: Pandora rc NSX - troyz22 - 04-16-2016

thank yeah I was surprised how much brighter it got in direct sunlight...

RE: Pandora rc NSX - pro0fun - 04-17-2016

What did you use for body lines?

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RE: Pandora rc NSX - DDJ - 04-18-2016

Really cool. I've been thinking about this body too. It's nice to see one done up really well since Pandora's display doesn't look that appealing. Also, what side mirrors are you using?

RE: Pandora rc NSX - idroppedthegrenade - 04-18-2016

Looks amazing. Can't wait to see it fully completed. Keep us updated.

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RE: Pandora rc NSX - troyz22 - 04-18-2016

thanks guys.... I used Black Sharpie Ultra Fine for certain really tight ares for body lines, and I also Used Mini works body line tape.  I used tamiya Supra Mirrors... I had some on my HPI supra beater body, and i just stop them off the supra and painted them.  Glad everyone is feeling the build as much as me!

RE: Pandora rc NSX - Steve Fox - 04-19-2016

Looks sweet so far. Gonna make the headlights pop up?