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Baja's Levin - bajaboy5b - 03-12-2013

[Image: 75746330.jpg]

[Image: 016cj.jpg]

[Image: 021wwy.jpg]

[Image: 026sr.jpg]


RE: Baja's Levin - lexury - 03-13-2013

clean job bro.

RE: Baja's Levin - skr8pn - 03-13-2013

Gotta love a Levin! Very nice work.

RE: Baja's Levin - Aralph - 03-13-2013


RE: Baja's Levin - bajaboy5b - 03-14-2013

Thanks everyone. :)

RE: Baja's Levin - bajaboy5b - 03-17-2013

A few new photos.  

[Image: 50505420.jpg]

[Image: 46176524.jpg]

[Image: 99855613.jpg]

[Image: 61897379.jpg]

[Image: 47000913.jpg]

[Image: 49762022.jpg]


RE: Baja's Levin - bajaboy5b - 07-20-2013

[Image: 014_zpsa1a56b13.jpg]
Fender split from a crash so I used real bondo and did a bit of weathering to fix it.
[Image: 022_zps98911ad9.jpg]

[Image: 019_zps1d1ebd9d.jpg]

[Image: 029_zps5b937341.jpg]

I tired to make the shots look like those semi burly ones that you see of from Japan of real 1.1 cars.

Thanks for looking.


RE: Baja's Levin - negy - 07-20-2013

sweet! love the bodies, love the wheels

RE: Baja's Levin - bajaboy5b - 07-20-2013

Thanks! It's the same shell actually, just an update. :P

RE: Baja's Levin - Rusty180SX - 07-20-2013

That looks real good man, really like levins, I keep thinking about getting one too.

Real nice