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Show us your Rc Stable.. - Combat_Drftr - 03-26-2013

I have finally decided to post up my addictions... this is what i have so far and still growing... hehe.. i am a drift addict.. lol.

[Image: 535670_10151546809467220_1132746421_n.jpg]
[Image: 601289_10151546807707220_1101626016_n.jpg]

RE: my babies - lexury - 03-26-2013

i want that team weld chaser

RE: my babies - Combat_Drftr - 03-26-2013

well bro i got this from andrew.. hehe...

RE: my babies - pickled - 03-26-2013

nice collection you got going there

my group - robb41488 - 03-26-2013

following in combat_drftr's footsteps heres my setups!

from right to left.
pandora R32 on DRB (yes stripped of all its stickers)
ABC evo III on TC-FD
Northcraft FC on Pro-d
HPI subaru 22b gc8 on HB TC

[Image: _MG_4954_zps9e7eb144.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4958_zpsd7d52879.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4961_zps5ea613b3.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4964_zps0ed8d30a.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4968_zps374e0b64.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4972_zps4a41d528.jpg]

[Image: _MG_4975_zps20a3dd32.jpg]

RE: my group - toefurkeybasher - 03-26-2013

WOW!!! driftmission represented. way cool collection robb

RE: my babies - toefurkeybasher - 03-26-2013

very sweet collection combat

RE: my group - Combat_Drftr - 03-26-2013

Love that Gc8 man.. Wish I can find one of those.. Ur lucky to have one.. Nice collection you got...

RE: my babies - Combat_Drftr - 03-26-2013

Thanks gentle men.. Forgot to tell y'all what's under the bodies.. WRX is my D3, Fd3S is my cyclone s, s15 pro-d, and jzx110 r31-16fm.. Still awaiting on my other r31 mid motor setup... I got many other bodies.. Including 2 Short course trucks for those days I wanna get dirty.. Lol.. I am a rc hoarder you can say.. Hehe... And if you look closely.. The wings on my cars gets higher from left to right.. Hahaha...

RE: my babies - robb41488 - 03-26-2013

you have a pro-d as well!!