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matrixline 180sx
Hi there,
this is my last work in collaboration with Rc Drift Garage

- 180sx matrixline
- paint job flames and splashes
- home made canards
- pipe
- soft hook
- home made wings on the rear spoiler
- sponsor decals
- Plates


[Image: 1_zpsb2314ca2.jpg]

[Image: 10_zpse32acb0b.jpg]

[Image: 9_zpsd5babbe0.jpg]

[Image: 12_zpsb12b93f7.jpg]

[Image: 17_zps4bdeb62d.jpg]

[Image: 16_zps41535aea.jpg]

[Image: 15_zps8fb110ec.jpg]

[Image: 13_zps6b7a4665.jpg]

[Image: 1_zpsbdb956a1.jpg]

[Image: 4_zpsd49798bb.jpg]

[Image: 3_zps8dd8907b.jpg]

[Image: 2_zps87cf0b43.jpg]
whatever you did to your wheels it looks sick
(09-24-2014, 12:39 AM)gerakatom Wrote:  whatever you did to your wheels it looks sick

works equipe was white i just make lines with a thin marker on it that's it! :)
looks great! nice job

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