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Steven's MST FXX Vip
Now that i have completed my Fxx Vip I thought I would post some pics of it to see what you guys think of it.

I've done all the available upgrades to it which include the front and rear lower alloy arms, alloy top arms, rear alloy kpi knuckles and the new front akm knuckles, alloy front bumper support, alloy rear gearbox, reinforced prop shaft, rear solid spool, rear alloy shock tower, front ifs suspension conversion and the new slide steering rack. I also replaced all the carbon parts from black carbon to ssg instead because I prefer the ssg/purple alloy combo compared to the black/purple alloy.

For the electrics I went with the sanwa type d plus esc with the built in receiver which i really like the idea since it eliminates a box off the chassis. The motor im running is a hobbywing v10 13.t motor and servo is the omg LP-BF07S.  

[Image: orOyM7Zh.jpg]
[Image: MGqqmIKh.jpg]
[Image: 5gf8Ipth.jpg]
[Image: IdbhK8mh.jpg]
[Image: QdsXntoh.jpg]
[Image: egKe2XRh.jpg]
Looks pretty pimp, I'm liking the purple
Looking good

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Bad*sss!!! very good looking.
Yep im really happy with it so far. Out of the 3 available colours the purple is my favourite and swapping to the ssg silver carbon parts makes the purple stand out a bit more then it did with the stock black carbon parts.

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