Yokomo DIB

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[Image: 1475715859172bf279.jpg][Image: 1475715859272c3995.jpg][Image: 1475715859409bd42c.jpg][Image: 14757158595154ff9d.jpg][Image: 14757158595154ff9d.jpg][Image: 147571586072477a2d.jpg][Image: 147571586094688126.jpg][Image: 1475715861902401ea.jpg][Image: 1475715862744a2e69.jpg][Image: 14757158877736c5cf.jpg][Image: 14757158888829c3cb.jpg]
Nice looking car.

Looks almost identical - DIB V2, 2.0 CS rear, and running a SP ESC (I run an S in mine).

How is ur setup? I am always looking for other setups to try on my car.


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