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I'm looking for a pro painter or airbrush artist
I have a demi works body kit that also needs to be installed on a tamiya rx-7. I need it to look identical to this one, chrome decals and all. If anyone knows someone or feels capable please let me know.
[Image: 8c9edf3c0047d644cc8442d144aaf488.jpg][Image: b7f0c0f84d785f95c9724136988dfd03.jpg][Image: d5fc220a63d6086465fd546048babd60.jpg][Image: de369aef1f2023ee101c5cba1969fa32.jpg][Image: 754069a618871e7beec60fe29440d24f.jpg]
Will pay good money!

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It´s actually not so much a paint job. Just get someone that can create the decals for you. - The color could be one color of airbrush or Tamiya tranlucent orange backed with gunmetal would look very close to this. - Did you try to contact the "villains" to kindly ask if they would mind sharing their livery files for your replica? - Sometimes something like that works out. ;)
Yes I did, and they said people have replicated the car before but was unsure how they went about it. They said they paid a company called factory 83 and paid them to design and apply that livery. They warned me that the company may not share files for legal reasons but all I really want is to contact the person who designed it to maybe get a print of all the decals to use as stencils or something. I would be willing to pay someone to do it for me if I had to. I agree with the airbrushing but unfortunately I'm not a skilled artist I just like to drive pretty cars.

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Gunmetal would be a good backing for this scheme.

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