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Currently researching the C.S ability on the MST XXX-D VIP , noticing it says the stock gera ratio is 1.3 , however you can fit C.S 2.02 ratio gears. 

Does this mean that the MST XXX-D VIP is classified as C.S car when it was initially released ? 

Noticed many have since then converted the MST XXX-D VIP into RWD , can you still keep the C.S gears once converted , is it still considered a C.S , if so , how will performance be affected ? ( Sorry for the confusion )

Thank You... 

Just to confirm...The MST XXX-D VIP stock has nothing on the MST RMX S 2.0 , right ?

All bets in the RC world right now are on the RMX and the YOKO YD-2 , RIGHT ?
They go as high as 2.15 in the ratio of CS, with metal gears.

The XXX-D was announced as a CS car when it was released.

You can buy a steering rail that has wider angle capabilities, i have it and tried it - Drives pretty good too..

The RMX and XXX shares gears in the back, so when RMX 2.0 came out, they kept the compability between chassis, also the FMX have the same gears.

They don't look the same, doesn't use the same layout or motor/esc/servo positioning so in terms of that, no.

Depends on who you ask, some are beyond that point but depends also weather you like a stock chassis you can upgrade, or to buy a special kit for the YD-2..
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary

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